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Hericium erinaceus is a beautiful pink to white mushroom that resembles the brain. Lion's mane may support the nervous system and brain function including increased memory and nerve growth. We use cultivated fruiting bodies of this mushroom and a triple extraction method that honors these sacred mushrooms. Through this extract we hope you discover the benefits the world of fungi has to offer.


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Matt K.
United States
Love yer brain with lions mane

I have been using this Lion's main tincture to aid in concussion recovery, I really think it makes a difference for helping the neurological symptoms heal. Been using this formulation for years now, and I love it!

Jim W.
United States United States
Noticing more responsive lazy eye

I've had a lazy eye since birth and my optical nerve in the eye never fully developed, but over the last few months of taking this lion's mane extract my eye is making progress. I'm finding it easy to follow my fingers when doing Qigong exercises, look through my side view mirror, and starting to train my eye to finally recognize letters and numbers. And now I'm noticing as I can see better that the prescription for correcting it is off. 53 years later it's finally decided to see the world. LOL. I've been resistant to saying a herbal product is medicine, but my experience with Lion's Mane Extract has been eye opening - pun intended.

Erik S.
United States United States
Perfect Size for Travel!

I had previously bought 4oz bottles of extracts which were a bit to bulky to take with me on business travel but the 2oz bottle is perfect. As always the quality of the Fungi Ally extracts is top shelf!

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