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Chestnut Mushroom Sawdust Spawn

Chestnut Mushroom Sawdust Spawn

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Great to use for outdoor inoculations including logs, totems, and woodchips.
The small particle size allows for fast growth onto the inoculated substrate. Our sawdust spawn is grown in a sterile lab and produced year round to ensure you get fresh pure mushroom mycelium.

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Kevin H.
United States United States
Great Producer

Received one bag of chestnut sawdust spawn in February and inoculated eight bags of masters mix with it. I actually messed it up. I put one pound of hardwood sawdust, one pound of ground soy hulls and one pound of water ( should have been three pounds water), and sterilized each bag for two hours in a pressure cooker before inoculating and sealing the bags. That night I realized my mistake. So I opened each bag and poured in two more pounds of water. I figured I’d have a lot of infected bags, but I knew that I had to add it. I left the bags sit in the basement. Then went on vacation for three weeks in April. Of course the bags fruited then. When I got home, I had one bag infected and seven bags that had fruited in the bags. Mushrooms were past prime when I cut the top of the bags open, so I removed and discarded them. I kept watering them. They fruited with a very heavy second flush, which we picked. Now four of the bags are fruiting with a third flush. I took 12 ounces off one of the bags today. My wife and I really like the taste of chestnut mushrooms! Will definitely reorder.