Mushrooms for Sale: Options for all Kinds of Mycophiles

Mushrooms for Sale: Options for all Kinds of Mycophiles

We provide fresh gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to the Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts — but we also offer mushrooms for sale to the global community! 

Those living in the lovely Pioneer Valley have the opportunity to buy into our mushroom csa to get a mixture of primarily shiitake and oyster mushrooms, with some lion’s mane, chicken of the woods, black trumpets, and pioppino added in when available. The shares are available until September 13th, and include a 1/2 pound of mushrooms for each share. Don’t live in the Pioneer Valley? No sweat! We offer our gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in other forms for you to enjoy. For instance, we have a variety of dried mushrooms that go great in soups, side dishes, and teas. mushrooms for sale

Dried mushrooms for sale — a healthful option for everyone 

Dried shiitake mushrooms: Our dried shiitake mushrooms are grown on sawdust at our mushroom farm in Hadley, MA. The shiitakes are dried in the sun for at least eight hours, and finished at slow, low heat. This long exposure to sun increases their nutritional value. The delicious nutty flavor of these medicinal and gourmet mushrooms make dried shiitakes perfect for soups, veggie dishes, curries, and risottos. Or whatever else your culinary imagination can think up! Did you know that chaga mushroom — known as a Gift from God from ancient Siberians — contains a significant amount of antioxidants? It’s true. Chaga contains super-oxide dismutase (SOD), which is an enzyme that acts as a powerful antioxidant. (Like chaga? Learn more about it in this article.) I mention the healthful nature of chaga because we also sell dried chaga, which is great for medicinal teas. You can add chai spices or honey to your chaga brew for a special taste. Our mushroom medley is an assortment of shiitake, lion’s mane, and oyster mushrooms, all grown in our mushroom farm in Hadley, MA. This is a gourmet culinary delight, providing various flavors for the sophisticated mushroom palette. All of our dried mushrooms are available in three sizes: two ounces, 1/2 pound, and one pound varieties. buy-mushrooms-online-dried-gourmet-mushrooms

Grow your own mushrooms for mushroom grow kits and spawn

Are you a seasoned mycophile who has been consuming fresh and dried mushrooms for years, and now have a desire to take your mushroom experience to the next level? We have just the thing for you… Mushroom grow kits! A  mushroom grow kit from us will allow you to grow two pounds of mushrooms during a two-month period. These grow kits are made of hardwood sawdust, are ready to fruit, and can be used inside or outside. They are a perfect gift or addition to any garden. Currently we offer grow kits for both lion’s mane and shiitake mushrooms.

Are your mushroom growing skills beyond those of the mushroom grow kit? 

Check out our available mushroom spawn now, which come in sawdust and plug options. If you want mushrooms, we have mushrooms for sale! Come take advantage and begin feasting today! As always, share this article with your mushroom-loving friends and family, and contact us with any further questions.
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