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Mushroom extracts to supercharge your day, grow kits to liven up your kitchen, and classes to expand your consciousness

100% Mushroom Fruiting Body Extracts

Access all the benefits mushrooms
have to offer

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Mushrooms to support
your daily life.

Whether you want to support your immune system, improve your clarity, or get a clean boost of energy our mushrooms can support you.

Everyday support while building longevity

100% organic mushroom
fruiting bodies

We start with certified organic mushrooms. The mushrooms are simmered in hot water and then spray dried into the powdered extract form.

Backed by Science

Our products are lab tested by third parties. WE GUARANTEE beta-glucan and starch content so you know EXACTLY what you are getting.

No grain fillers

No mycelium on grain, no starch, only what you want, the power of MUSHROOMS!

We are Fungi Ally

Our founder Willie started growing mushrooms 10 years ago. He has grown thousands of pounds of mushrooms and worked at the world's largest medicinal "mushroom" farm that didn't grow any mushrooms! We love mushrooms and deeply believe in what they have to offer. We want people to get exactly what they think they are getting, MUSHROOMS, so we launched our own 100% mushroom fruiting body supplement line. Join us in discovering the power of mushrooms.