How To Grow Mushrooms At Home

3 recorded online classes to get you growing mushrooms abundantly at home. Grow shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, chestnut, wine cap and other species easily at home.

It is more important than ever to have a resilient food system and be producing fresh food at home. This course will introduce and dive into 8 or 9 different methods of cultivation that can easily be done at home with no special equipment or technical skills. We will go over the common mushrooms that are cultivated, what exactly mushrooms/fungi are, and how we can relate to them to provide benefit for us, our community, and the land we grow on. This course is for anyone interested in growing mushrooms for themselves and their family with a little extra for their community. It could be 2-20 pounds weekly or a couple pounds every couple of weeks. The course includes:

  • (3) Recorded 90 minute lectures–Lifetime access
  • Further videos and resources to watch
  • Readings from a variety of books to deepen your understanding
  • Access to a facebook group with other Fungi Ally Alumni
  • Week 1: Fungal Fundamentals.

    What are Fungi–Mushroom Life Cycle–Fungal Ecology–Seven stages of cultivation–Receiving and Storing Spawn–Goals/Intentions

  • Week 2: Outdoor Cultivation

    Shiitakes on logs– Oyster’s on straw– Wine cap on wood chips– Rafts, stumps, and totems.

  • Week 3: Indoor Cultivation

    Using Grow kits– expanding mycelium– simple spawn making techniques– oyster on coffee grounds

Grow MUSHROOMS Easily at Home!

Skills you will gain

  • Grow mushrooms for your family and community, anywhere from 1-50 lbs per week
  • Understand the mushroom life cycle and ecological roles
  • Have an outline to the stages of mushroom cultivation
  • Successful cultivation of outdoor cultivation on logs, totems, and stumps
  • Outdoor cultivation of Wine cap on woodchips 
  • Indoor or outdoor cultivation of oyster mushrooms on straw
  • Indoor oyster mushroom cultivation on coffee grounds and other materials
  • Expanding mycelium without a lab
  • Making spawn of any mushroom species using syringes and grain
  • 5-7 Easy to identify wild mushrooms



“Willie Crosby was the perfect teacher for our Home Mushroom Cultivation class. I saw him stumped only once about an obscure mushroom name. Literally every other question that 20(ish) students threw at him throughout three full sessions was met with answers that were, at once, accessible to a novice like me yet detailed enough to inform more experienced mushroom growers.​” Larry, Student Dec 2020

“I received the course and have already started watching and learning!!!! You truly are a great teacher and coach.” Margie, Student June 2020

” I am so grateful that we have found you as a resource! I was very impressed with you as an educator. You were very thoughtful about the information you rolled out so that it did not seem overwhelming. I am a teacher and I know great teaching when I see it!” Marian, Student April 2020

About the Instructor

Willie Crosby has been cultivating mushrooms for the last 9 years. He started growing outdoors on logs, woodchips, and stumps, inoculating 500 logs. He co-founded Fungi Ally which grew mushrooms indoors for 6 years, selling as much as 500 pounds per week. Now Fungi Ally focuses on education and spawn production, supporting both commercial and home growers to grow more mushrooms. Willie has taught over 15 classes online for Cornell University, Umass amherst, and Fungi Ally over the last 4 years. Willie has received 5 SARE grants and 6 other grants over the last 5 years for growing mushrooms and educating the public about mushrooms. Last year willie published two guidebooks on commercial cultivation which you can download for free here.