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Emerging Mycologist Bundle (45% off)

Emerging Mycologist Bundle (45% off)

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Three grow kits for $49!! Blue oyster, Lion's Mane, Shiitake grow kits all in one bundle.

Each mushroom grow kit fruits in as little as 7 days. HUMIDITY is the most critical thing especially while fruiting in the winter. We recommend placing a humidity tent or the entire grow kit into a plastic tub. Grow kits produce 1-3 pounds over the course of 3 flushes. More info on each mushroom: 

Lion's Mane: Our lion’s mane mushroom kit comes ready to fruit, simply poke holes in the bag, mist daily, and mushrooms will grow within a week. Each lion's mane mushroom kit will fruit 1-3 times over the course of 2 months offering 1-3 pounds of mushrooms for your dinner table.Each lion’s mane mushroom kit is 6 pounds, fully colonized and certified organic. 

Lion's mane starts as a tight cluster that looks similar to a brain and over the course of 3 or 4 days begins to unravel majestic spines until they are cascading towards the earth. Harvest this mushroom when the spines are ¼-½ an inch long. This mushroom is delicious sautéed in thin slices or torn apart into bite size pieces. Add lemon juice and butter or olive oil to complement the flavor of Lion’s mane.

Blue Oyster: A great beginners mushroom this is a fast growing prolific mushroom. Delicious in the frying pan and easy to grow make blue oysters a winner! After fruiting you can use the grow kit to inoculate paper waste, coffee grounds, or wood chips.

Shiitake: Shiitakes have a strong umami flavor that helps them stand out in culinary dishes. The stems of shiitakes are typically discarded or made into stock and the caps are cooked. Shiitakes have a high protein content around 18% dry weight. Shiitake mushrooms also have a complete profile of amino acids. Beautiful mushrooms to watch fruit. 


Don't miss this amazing opportunity to give the gift of growth to the mycologist in your family! 


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Eric W.
United States United States

Lion's Mane

Excellent quality with great results

natalie w.
United States United States

Happy hubby

Excellent product and harvest within 2 weeks. This has been a fun winter project

Norma P.
United States United States

Best gift of the season!

It was a major success with my grandson the budding mycologist. The whole family enjoyed the fruits of this project. A whole new kitchen trend since cooking with mushrooms is now a family project.

Louise H.
United States United States


I have bewn having a wonderful time watching my Beginning Mycologist Bundle mushrooms grow. I’ve already had a terriffic meal of shiitake and bok choy with an accompaniment of chicken tempura, and look forward to making a meal of the lion’s mane and the blue oysters very soon. Both of those are in the pinning stage, with little dots of color on top of the blue oyster pins. Right now my bathroom has become a mushroom farmlet, and I am very encouraged about this project. Support from Fungi Ally has been prompt and useful. My husband and I had been contempalting adding mushrooms to our offerings from our little farm in Alaska for a while. There isn’t much we can grow in the winter, except perhaps snowballs ❄️❄️❄️. Mushrooms seem to be a viable way to extend our production over the down time, and this experience is giving us the beginning of an idea of what we will need to do over the next year. I am very optimistic.

Alana H.
United States United States

Love these grow kits

Great bundle and I love the size of the bags. Everything shipped fast and customer service is top notch. Highly recommend