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Mushroom Classes Near Me: Learn Mushroom Cultivation, In-Person or Online

Sometimes it can be hard to find mushroom classes near me, but mushrooms are a fascinating subject to study! Want to study mushroom cultivation online with us? Check out our online classes here.

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Medicinal Mushroom Class

The role that fungi play in ecosystems and in our bodies is continually being discovered. Mycorrhizal fungi and endophytes allow us to scientifically understand the spiritual teaching that everything is connected. No one thing is an individual in isolation, and in the plant world fungi are responsible for many of the connections between individuals. If you want to have your mind blown about mycorrhizal fungi check out this TED talk by Suzanne Simard. Suzanne outlines how trees of different ages and species are connected through mycorrhizal fungi. Likewise many people have experienced the teachings of magic mushrooms, which can inspire a feeling of interconnectedness when ingested. In the John Hopkins studies on psilocybin the researchers found 80% of participants had a significant decrease in depression and anxiety that lasted for over 6 months after the study. The lead researcher, neuroscientist and behavioral biologist Roland Griffiths, stated about the patients, “They’re capable of seeing a larger, more holistic picture where everyone and everything is interconnected,” Griffiths says. “It can be very uplifting.” Biologically the human brain becomes much more connected when magic mushrooms are ingested.

The diagram to the left from discover magazine illustrates how the brain changes after ingesting psilocybin. This diagram is based on MRI scans and shows how much the brain biology changes after ingesting psilocybe mushrooms. With all of this potential for fungi to help connect people and nature no wonder people are looking for mushroom classes near me. Working with mushrooms offer a whole new perspective of how to view nature and our role in nature. Mushrooms help to speed decomposition and connect plants to become more resilient. At the same time they can help our bodies adapt to environmental changes and potential illnesses. Working with fungi can help make our world more connected and our bodies healthier.

In-person mushroom classes near me for mushroom cultivation

The best way to learn more about fungi and all they have to offer is take a workshop in person. At Fungi Ally we offer workshops on mushroom cultivation, foraging, cooking, and using mushrooms. If you have ever thought “I want mushroom classes near me” consider organizing a workshop with us! We can offer a 2 hour class on any of these subjects for up to 30 people for $500. Willie is the primary teacher for all workshops and loves to explore all the ways fungi can inform our lives. With over 7 years of experience in both backyard and commercial mushroom cultivation, Willie knows all aspects of mushroom cultivation well. Combine this with his 5 years of experience teaching adults and kids and you are sure to learn plenty about fungi and how to incorporate them into your life. Growing mushrooms at home is an easy way to utilize spaces and resources that are otherwise under utilized. Once you learn the process of growing mushrooms it is also relatively hands off. If you want more information on growing shiitakes on logs check out our blog here. For growing wine caps on wood chips check out our blog post here.

If you are not local and you likewise think “I want mushroom classes near me” try reaching out to a mushroom farm near by to see if they are willing to share what they have learned. It takes time and dedication to learn about mushrooms so be sure to approach farmers with respect to the amount of time they have likely put into learning about fungi.

Mushroom cultivation classes – through the mycelial web

Unfortunately not everyone has mushroom farms close by, so they might not have mushroom cultivation education available to them. If this is the case, there is always the internet! The internet is an amazing human invention which mimics the mycorrhizal network found between trees. Both networks allow information and resources to be shared between individuals who are seemingly completely separate. With online classes at Fungi Ally you can explore all the amazing attributes fungi have. We have classes for hobbyists, beginning mushroom farmers, herbalists, and others that want to learn about growing or incorporating fungi into their lives. So even if you can’t find mushroom cultivation classes in your area, you can tune into our online classes to learn all about these amazing organisms.

Private consultations for mushroom cultivation are also offered

Have a private mushroom matter to discuss? Want personalized instruction on growing mushrooms, for your situation? Whether it be on the hobby or commercial level, Fungi Ally can answer your questions on high-quality mushroom cultivation. Our consultations are $150/hour or $1000 for a full day. We can give tours of commercial farms, make plans and layouts for a new farm set up, or consult on changes needed at a current farm for mushroom cultivation.

Any of these options will help you discover mushroom classes near me. Regardless of what you decide works best for your situation we are sure to help inoculate you with the magic of the fungal kingdom.