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Fungi Wisdom: Mushroom Apprenticeship

Fungi Wisdom: Mushroom Apprenticeship

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Do you want to dive into the magic of the fungal kingdom in a community of like-minded mycophiles? Join our year-long online apprenticeship exploring mushroom cultivation, medicinal benefits, foraging, cooking and all things mushrooms. We will meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30PM EST, May 2023-March 2024.


Join our second year long apprenticeship to become skilled in the world of fungi.  Each month we will focus on  a new mushroom topic, exploring all the wonders fungi have to offer. Guest speakers will help to cover everything from foraging, cultivation, historical uses, and current medical research of over 20 different mushroom species. By the end of this course, you will have know how to grow, forage, and use mushrooms in your daily life! In our 12 sessions together, we will cultivate community through discovery of and love for mushrooms as well as ourselves.

Are you ready for mushrooms to change your life? 

This apprenticeship includes:
  • (12) Monthly 90 minute online sessions exploring mushrooms
  • Further videos, readings, resources to watch
  • Brief 1-3 minutes videos looking at current foraging opportunities, cultivation strategies, and much more 
  • 25% off the Fungi Ally website all year
  • Month 1: Fungal Fundamentals.

    Our introduction into mushrooms, fungi, and eachother.

  • Month 2: Outdoor Cultivation

    Put on your growing gloves, this month we will dive into all the basic techniques you can use for growing mushrooms outdoors.  

  • Month 3: Foraging

    As June sets in the beginning of the foraging season is upon us. An expert forager will join us this month to talk foraging 101 and set you up to forage mushrooms safely for the rest of the year.  

  • Month 4: Indoor Cultivation and Lab Work 

    This month we will dive deeper into the world of indoor mushroom cultivation and start to understand the process of working in a lab with fungal mycelium. 

  • Month 5: Mycoremediation

    We will be joined by Ja Schindler from Fungi For the People to learn about the current research and practices of mycoremediation. The art and science of breaking down toxic materials to the building blocks of life using fungi. 

  • Month 6: Myco-entrepreneurship

    We will be joined by a panel of myco-wizards to discuss how they started their businesses, have grown over time, and where they see the field of mushroom business going over time. 

  • Month 7: Medicinal Mushrooms Part 1

    An introduction to the world of medicinal mushrooms, what they do, how they work and how we can align with them to create healthy vibrant body, mind, and spirit.

  • Month 8: Cooking with mushrooms

    Alan Bergo, James Beard Award winning chef from will join us to share some of his favorite recipes and mushrooms to cook with. The mushroom dishes you make after this class will be FIRE! 

  • Month 9: Medicinal Mushrooms Part 2 Making Medicine

    This month we will prepare our own medicinal products. Follow along as we prepare teas, tinctures, and other mushroom goodies. With an abundance of recipes and hand outs you will be ready to prepare medicinal mushrooms for years to come!

  • Month 10: Stories of Fungi

    Santa's origin story in the Fly Agaric? Lawrence Millman, author of 25+ books including Stoned Reindeer and Giant Polypores will join us to share numerous stories of exploration, anthropology and fungi. 

  • Month 11: Myco-art

    A guest speaker will join us to talk working with mushroom to dye, spore print art, and other uses of mushrooms/fungi in the creative space 

  • Month 12: Blessing the journey

    We wrap up the bundle as our time together ends but your relationship with fungi just begins to deepen! A review and celebration of time together.

1st Wednesday of each Month 7-8:30 PM EST, May-Apr 

Through this class you will:

  • Lean about fungal cultivation, foraging, eating, medicine-making, myco-mimicry, and so much more
  • Become more confident in cultivating at least 10 different mushrooms
  • Become more confident foraging for at least 10 different mushrooms
  • Explore the top 12 medicinal mushrooms materia medica and learn the key constituents active in mushrooms
  • Become loaded with stories and facts to spread fungal love
  • Become more empowered to make your own medicinal and edible mushroom creations: tinctures, teas, food, chocolates and more
  • Be part of a community of mushroom lovers discovering how to weave fungi into our lives and the impact that they have on us.
  • Have space to ask knowledgeable instructors many questions about mushrooms
  • Explore the intersection of fungal science and other disciplines 
  • Be capable of talking about and using psychoactive fungi safely
  • Understand current research about psilocybe mushrooms
  • HAVE FUN and be confident in growing/foraging/cooking LIVING with mushrooms

COST: $600 Sign up Now

Guest Teachers include:

Alan Bergo: Founder of Alan, a James Beard Award winning chef, will be your teacher for preparing amazing culinary dishes with the mushrooms you find. Alan will talk about some common mushrooms to forage and how to cook them. I can't wait for the recipes that come out of this! 

Ja Schindler: founder of Fungi For The People Ja was my first teacher back in 2013, a decade later he is still pushing the envelope in mycoremediation research, projects, and teaching. Ja will give us a download from the mycoremediation world and open your eyes to the amazing capacity of fungi to break down our waste.

Lawrence Millman: An incredible story teller and cross disciplinary fungi enthusiast. Author of  25+ books including Stoned Reindeer and Giant Polypores: Rambles in Kingdom Fungi Lawrence will share about the intersection of anthropology and fungi and how fungi have influenced people for thousands of years. 

Christopher Hobbs: Author of Medicinal Mushrooms: The Essential Guide Christopher will introduce us into the amazing world of medicinal mushrooms and what kind of research is currently happening in the medicinal mushroom realm. 

Taught and facilitated by Willie Crosby. Willie works with mushrooms to help live a full and wild life. He has been in relationship with mushrooms through cultivation, education, consumption, and foraging over the last decade. Between 2014-2023 Willie has taught Mushroom Cultivation in person and online for Cornell University, Umass Amherst, Fungi ally, and countless other organizations and workshops. Willie believes in the amazing capacity of mushrooms to strengthen our minds and bodies. He is excited to be in community while learning about and experiencing all the fungal kingdom has to offer.


We hope you will join us for this amazing Program! 

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