Fungi Wisdom: Mushroom Apprenticeship

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Do you want to dive into a discovery of the magic fungal kingdom in a community of like-minded mycophiles? Join our year-long online apprenticeship exploring mushroom cultivation, medicinal benefits, foraging, and mushrooms in your daily life. We will meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30PM EST, March 2022-February 2023.


Join our first-ever year long apprenticeship to become skilled in the world of fungi.  Each month we will focus on one or two mushrooms, covering everything from foraging, cultivation, historical uses, and current medical research. By the end of this course, you will have an intimate relationship with 20+ mushrooms—how to grow, forage, and use them in your daily life as you engage your best self! In our 12 sessions together, we will cultivate community through discovery of and love for mushrooms as well as ourselves.

Are you ready for mushrooms to change your life? 

This apprenticeship includes:
  • (12) Monthly 90 minute online sessions exploring mushrooms
  • Further videos, readings, resources to watch
  • Brief 1-3 minutes videos looking at current foraging opportunities, cultivation strategies, and much more 
  • Private classroom for questions, discussions, and handouts
  • "Open hours" to ask any fungal questions
  • 25% off the Fungi Ally website all year
  • Monthly giveaways of dried mushrooms, grow kits, and supplements 
  • Month 1: Shiitake

    March is the perfect time to inoculate shiitake logs. We will take this month to explore Shiitake, which promotes wellness and is easy to grow—the most cultivated mushroom in the world!

  • Month 2: Cordyceps

    April: This advanced mushroom is incredible to cultivate, discover in the wild and use in your daily life. Learn more about the mushroom life cycle and health benefits of cordyceps. 

  • Month 3: Morels and Agarics

    By May, Morel season is in full throttle. We will take class out into woods and fields to find this delicious mushroom. We will also talk about Agarics such as Almond Portobello, which is a great garden companion and medicinal ally. 

  • Month 4: Reishi

    In June this incredible woodland mushroom appears. We will discover Reishi in the wild, look at easy cultivation methods, and explore the vast research into its medicinal qualities. We will also begin to make our own tinctures and teas so that we can share all the benefits of this and other mushrooms. 

  • Month 5: Chanterelles and Black trumpets

    As summer unfolds, our "only-found-wild-cannot-be-domesticated" mushrooms begin to emerge. Let's enjoy the abundance of Chanterelles and Black Trumpets when the rains come. Along with our normal exploration, we will cook and preserve mushrooms this month.

  • Month 6: Psilocybe

    We will explore the magical ally psilocybe, including the uses of this psychoactive fungi, psilocybe medicinal research, and legal cultivation techniques.

  • Month 7: Lion's Mane

    Lion's Mane is the mushroom for your brain. It is possible and highly encouraged to cultivate, forage, cook with, and make medicine from Lion's Mane. In exploring this complex mushroom, we will engage all the skills we have learned so far.

  • Month 8: Maitake

    Cold rains, fall colors, and maitake! Let's get out in the woods and find this mushroom. We will also look into the expanding possibilities to cultivate this highly medicinal mushroom at home. Maitake fritters galore!

  • Month 9: Wood Ear and Tremella

    These two mushrooms are jelly fungi. They have an interesting texture and have been used for an extremely long time as food and medicine in Asia. We will learn how to make skin care products with tremella, soup with wood ear, and discuss additional reasons these mushrooms are so special.

  • Month 10: Fly Agaric and Chicken of the Woods

    Santa's origin story in the Fly Agaric? Chicken of the Woods cultivation? You will be able to bring some solid mushroom facts and folklore to your holiday season, as well as special product bundles for your favorite mushroom-loving friends!

  • Month 11: Chaga

    I personally have a deep gratitude for this mushroom as it helped to clear up psoriasis I had for 10 years. A great reason to get out in the bare snow covered woods lets search for Chaga, enjoy a nice Chaga brew by the wood stove, and learn the extensive medicinal research behind this mushroom.

  • Month 12: Oyster and Turkey Tail

    Two powerhouse mushrooms to cap off our journey. Oyster the easiest and most abundant mushroom to cultivate. Turkey Tail an abundant mushroom in the woods and potent medicinal ally. Taking everything we have learned to this point lets make a beautiful bundle and be ready to walk with a deep newfound knowledge of fungi.

3rd Wednesday of each Month 7-8:30 PM EST, Mar-Feb 

Through this class you will:

  • Lean about fungal cultivation, foraging, eating, medicine-making, myco-mimicry, and so much more
  • Become more confident in cultivating at least 10 different mushrooms
  • Become more confident foraging for at least 10 different mushrooms
  • Explore the top 12 medicinal mushrooms materia medica and learn the key constituents active in mushrooms
  • Become loaded with stories and facts to spread fungal love
  • Become more empowered to make your own medicinal and edible mushroom creations: tinctures, teas, food, chocolates and more
  • Be part of a community of mushroom lovers discovering how to weave fungi into our lives and the impact that they have on us.
  • Have space to ask knowledgeable instructors many questions about mushrooms
  • Explore the intersection of fungal science and other disciplines 
  • Be capable of talking about and using psychoactive fungi safely
  • Understand current research about psilocybe mushrooms
  • HAVE FUN and be confident in growing/foraging/cooking LIVING with mushrooms

COST: $600 Sign up Now

Lindsay Chimileski ND LAc RH(AHG)

Lindsay Chimileski is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, registered herbalist, professor, naturalist, counselor, writer, and public speaker. She is an advocate for natural medicine, botanical fungi medicine, whole foods nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and the appreciation of nature.  Prior to her start in medicine, she focused on counseling and psychology,  as well as studying Human Development and Family Studies at The University of Connecticut.

She has years of adjunct faculty experience, redesigning the botanical medicine curriculum and teaching advanced nutrition courses at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Dr. Chimileski co-leads ecotour excursions with students through the Jamaican rainforests, celebrating the traditional ethnobotanical uses of powerful plant medicines and their role in the culture. She lectures locally as well. In her spare time, she enjoys all things nature, greenhouses, hiking, and practicing yoga.

Willie works with mushrooms to help live a full and wild life. He has been in relationship with mushrooms through cultivation, education, consumption, and foraging over the last 9 years. He teaches Home Mushroom Growing and Commercial Mushroom Growing classes through Fungi Ally. Between 2014-2020 Willie has taught Mushroom Cultivation in person and online for Cornell University and Umass Amherst. Willie believes in the amazing capacity of mushrooms to strengthen our minds and bodies. He is excited to be in community while learning about and experiencing all the fungal kingdom has to offer.


We hope you will join us for this amazing Program! 

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