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A Mushroom Cultivation Kit Saves You Time & Resources

You can do all the stages of mushroom cultivation yourself if you prefer, but you can also use a mushroom cultivation kit to get fresh mushrooms much quicker

A mushroom cultivation kit can be used by both professional mushroom farmers and mushroom enthusiasts alike. For professionals, it can make the entire process of mushroom farming much easier as a lot of the tough parts of the job are already complete once the kits arrive. This is ideal for the farmers who want to mainly focus on fruiting, harvesting, and selling fresh mushrooms within their community. For mushroom enthusiasts, it’s a great, affordable way to start growing fresh mushrooms at home. 

The mushroom cultivation kit options we provide are shown below. Each mushroom kit is 10 pounds of supplemented hardwood sawdust that are certified organic. The kits are ready to use upon arrival and you can have your first flush of fresh mushrooms within two weeks of starting the mushroom kit. Each mushroom kit will help you fruit pounds of fresh food throughout multiple flushes. Check out our selection below and read more about the kits further down the page. 

Reasons why a mushroom cultivation kit is a good consideration to make

According to Fortune Business Insights, “The demand for fresh mushroom is increasing across the globe, especially across the U.S. and other developed economies, due to the growing demand for healthier food products in which no preservatives are added.”

If you look at the graph on that page, the prediction is that the mushroom market in North America will grow consistently throughout 2026. We predict that the growth will continue even beyond 2026 because mushrooms are easier to farm than many other agricultural products. 

Mushroom farming can be a great addition to any farm, and this can involve either indoor or outdoor farming. Our ready-to-fruit mushroom cultivation kits are ideal in either situation. 

Understanding the benefits of using our mushroom cultivation kits 

Every one of the mushroom cultivation kit options we carry contains high-quality spawn. These kits have been used in commercial mushroom farms and are responsible for producing thousands of pounds of fresh mushrooms monthly. 

Using our kits means you are using professional-grade products. We have put time and effort into testing which strains and substrates work best for growing delicious mushrooms, so you can receive the highest quality product. 

Our inventory of species continues to grow, and you can test out new and different species before deciding on running larger grows of them with the help of our cultivation kits.

For instance, if a mushroom farmer wants to add yellow oyster or king trumpet to their cultivation room, they can experiment with these mushrooms with a few of our kits in a small setting before increasing the size of kits used in the grow. 

There is no waiting period needed with our ready-to-fruit mushroom kits. You can begin the mushroom fruiting process immediately after the block arrives. Or, if it isn’t the ideal time, you can save it for later by placing it in a refrigerated area until you’re ready. However, the blocks will begin fruiting on their own within a month of being placed in the refrigerated area, so please keep that in mind.

Using our mushroom cultivation kits 

Here is an example of the process for using our mushroom cultivation kits. Each kit comes with directions associated with the particular species. 

  1. Cut a large “X” on the broad side of the bag with a knife, and leave the plastic covering the kit.

  2. Place the kit in a well-lit room but not in direct sunlight. The room should be sunny enough where you can comfortably read a book. Begin misting the block three or four times each day. Ideally the block should be in an environment with humidity around 80%. You may place a loose transparent bag over the block to increase humidity or place the block in a small open bin.

  3. With the first seven days mushrooms should begin to form on the block but they will be very small. They will look like little pin heads. Continue to mist three to four times per day. After four more days the mushrooms should reach maturity. Harvest the mushrooms when the cap still has a slight curl under, and before it has flattened out. The mushroom cluster is typically larger than a hand.

  4. Allow the block to rest and dry for two to three weeks. During this time you should avoid misting the kit. 

  5. When you see little baby mushrooms coming out of the block again resume misting three to four times each day.

  6. Repeat steps four and five until the block crumbles and falls apart. The amount of mushrooms which fruit will decrease with each flush. Place the block in your compost area once it begins to break apart. This will likely be after three to five flushes.

Are you a professional mushroom farmer? Take advantage of our bulk discounts 

We provide bulk rates on our mushroom cultivation kits so small-scale farmers can get a break on the cost. Here is a look at our bulk rate tiers:

  • 20-50 kits: $20 per kit.

  • 51-100 kits: $17 per kit.

  • 101-150 kits: $15 per kit.

  • 150+ kits: $13 per kit

Species need to be ordered in increments of 20.  Shipping cost varies significantly based on time of year, distance traveling, and whether or not you are ordering a pallet. If you are interested in getting bulk mushroom grow kits email us directly: 

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