Aloha Medicinals Internship

Today Janaury 15th brings me to the mid point of my internship at Aloha Medicinals in Carson City Nevada. Aloha is the largest producer of medicinal mushrooms in the world with thousands of pounds grown and processed daily. They are most noteworthy for their work with Cordyceps sinensis, a fungus which lives in the body of the ghost moth in the Himalyan plateau. The students have been involved in all facets of cultivation here, from inoculation to drying and grinding the product. Surrounded by experts in the fields of taxonomy, cultivation, and spawn production the information and technology brought back to Fungi Ally will be invaluable. We are excited to integrate the knowledge and information Aloha has shared with us at Fungi Ally and look forward to sharing the fruit of this knowledge with the Pioneer Valley Commuity.
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