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What You Need to Know for Your Own Bulk Mushroom Grow!

Want to grow a crazy amount of mushrooms at once with a bulk mushroom grow? You can learn all about growing mushrooms from us

What kind of mushrooms do you want grow? Probably Psilocybe! Well this post describes how to create a bulk mushroom grow. There are also plenty of good books and recipes out there for having a successful bulk grow of these magical mushrooms.

Psilocybe are one of the easier mushrooms to grow. BUT since a compound in them is illegal this makes things a little more difficult. The need for secrecy, along with the aspect that you can't legally sell them makes it hard to create a legitimate lab for bulk mushroom growing. I think there are three factors to consider.

Just like growing any mushrooms STRAIN AND SUBSTRATE are critical to have success. Common strains like Penis Envy and B+ are HUGE fruiters that will position anyone to have a successful bulk grow. A couple of substrates that work really well are the grain mixture laid out in this post and then of course horse or cow manure!

The grain is a much higher-nutrient material so this needs to be cooked using a pressure cooker and inoculated in front of a flow hood. Definitely doable in a small 4x4 area but not just a closet science experiment. Those pieces of equipment usually run around $1200 in combo and can produce 6 bags per run. But then again each bag can produce around 1 pound of fresh mushrooms so...

The manure method for a bulk grow can be a little trickier because you need spawn to inoculate it with. The best way to grow spawn is to use the grain mixture talked about above so might as well just fruit from that! Monotubs and all that stuff is a thing of the past if you want to do a bulk mushroom grow. IF you want to do it right and consistently, invest in the equipment, get your skills right, and dive in! Feel free to join a workshop or check out our online classes to learn more about the equipment and techniques needed to have a successful bulk mushroom grow.

And if you aren't ready for that try out one of our gourmet mushroom grow kits to learn how to care for mushrooms as they fruit. Growing shiitake and oysters will give a good grasp of what mushrooms want for environmental conditions and if what you have is the right set up. And of course psilocybin cubensis are one of the easier more prolific fruiting mushrooms so if you get shiitakes and oyster fruiting you can get psilocybe fruiting no problem.

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