Buy Mushrooms To Grow — How A Mushroom Grow Kit Will Change Your Life

Buy Mushrooms To Grow — How A Mushroom Grow Kit Will Change Your Life

When you decide to buy mushrooms to grow at home with our Fungi Ally mushroom grow kits, you’ll never be the same

Something changes when you get your first mushroom grow kit, and I’m sure my fungi-loving friends know exactly what I’m talking about. Did you know you could be growing your own gourmet mushrooms at home, in less than two weeks of starting the process? It’s true! Our mushroom growing kits are designed specifically for your growing convenience and pleasure. Do you want to buy mushrooms to grow? If you’re familiar with growing your own food, then you probably know that going from substrate to finished, edible product in about 10 days is pretty amazing. That’s one of the reasons to love growing mushrooms at home — they are quick growing and delicious. FungiAlly-buyNow-button

Buy mushrooms to grow: The types of gourmet, edible mushrooms you can be growing from our mushroom kits

Lion’s mane mushroom: This intriguing mushroom kit is a top seller for a few important reasons. One, our audience members love to see this unique mushroom growing. The lion’s mane mushroom starts off as a clump that gets bigger. The color is typically a lightish pink color that turns white as the mushroom matures. This mushroom also has spines that develop and stick out early in its fruiting stage and by the time it is ready to be harvested the spines will all cascade downwards to the body of the mushroom. The second reason people love to grow their own lion’s mane is because this mushroom is not readily available in the commercial market. It may be available at some farmers’ markets or gourmet stores, but many locations do not carry lion’s mane. Lastly, lion’s mane are delicious! They have a great texture that is reminiscent of meat, so it can please the palette of many consumers.  Shiitake mushroom: Shiitakes are one of the most popular mushrooms in the world, and the most popular in Asian. You may already have some familiarity with shiitakes due to this popularity. These tasty mushrooms are ready to harvest when the caps still have a slight bit of curl. The umami flavor provided by shiitake mushrooms is one of the reasons people love to add them to soups, stews, and stir fries.  Chestnut mushrooms: Chestnuts are more similar to shiitakes than a lot of other mushrooms. They have a similar look, although their flavor is a bit nuttier than the umami quality of shiitakes. These mushrooms grow in clumps or from a single stem. They are also wonderful options for those of you who want to put them in soups and stews. These mushrooms are slightly porous so they will absorb the flavors of the dish, while adding some additional nuttiness.  Oyster mushrooms: We have a range of oyster mushroom growing kits which can create a beautiful bouquet of color. We have the blue oyster, pink oyster, and yellow oyster available for your growing interests. These mushrooms are soft and produce a mild flavor when cooked. Some find a nuttiness or seafood-like flavor with them as well. The texture of these mushrooms is slightly chewy. They are delicious when added to egg dishes or stir fries.

Buy mushrooms to grow: How to grow your own mushrooms with our kits

Trying to decide if a mushroom grow kit is right for you? Check out the simple, step-by-step process below so you can decide for yourself.

Buy mushrooms to grow -- Step 1: Starting your mushroom grow kit

Once you’ve purchased and received your mushroom grow kit, take it out of the box and submerge it in water for five hours. Make sure the shiitake sawdust block stays completely under water — you may need to hold it down with another heavy object to do so. After the five hours is up, take the sawdust block out and place it on a baking sheet to hold excess water.

Step 2: Set & spray your substrate

Place your kit in a well-lit area, but out of direct sunlight. Mist the sawdust block heavily once or twice daily.Shiitake mushroom growing kit.

Step 3: Watch your mushrooms grow!

Baby mushrooms, called “pins”, will start to grow after about four days. Continue misting your mushrooms once or twice daily as the mushrooms continue growing.

Step 4: Harvest your mushroom flush!

Once the mushrooms start growing, they will mature within about five days. You will know they have matured once you see the gills of the shiitake mushrooms. Pick the mushrooms, and store them in the refrigerator.

Step 5: Allow your mushroom grow kit to rest

Place the sawdust block in dark, cool place and stop misting it for two to three weeks.

Step 6: Submerge the block for 24 hours

Step 7: Start the process againLions-Mane-Mushroom-Grow-Kits

Place your soaked sawdust block in a well-lit space and starting misting it twice daily. Continue for about 10 days, when the next flush of mushrooms will start appearing. You can repeat this process over and over, until your grow kit starts to fall apart. Once it begins falling apart, you can place it in your compost or garden. It may still bear fruited bodies of mushrooms, or it will compost into rich soil. Do you want to buy mushrooms to grow? We currently have a variety of mushroom grow kits available.  Each grow kit produces around two pounds of fresh mushrooms — Buy yours today and start growing your own gourmet mushrooms at home or in your garden.
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