Rely on Top Commercial Mushroom Spawn Suppliers to Produce Quality 

Rely on Top Commercial Mushroom Spawn Suppliers to Produce Quality 

The best commercial mushroom spawn suppliers provide the community with high-quality spawn and have a history of successful grows 

Looking for commercial mushroom spawn suppliers? We have you covered! There are a myriad of ways to engage in mushroom cultivation professionally. Some commercial mushroom farmers produce fresh, delicious mushrooms for retail or wholesale. They do this by fruiting and harvesting their own gourmet mushrooms in-house. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are producing their own inoculated spawn. There are many commercial farmers that buy sawdust blocks from spawn producers. They then grow mushrooms from the spawn and sell those fresh mushrooms to their customers. Some commercial mushroom farmers also produce their own spawn in addition to producing fresh mushrooms. For those that do not, we provide spawn options as one of the top commercial mushroom spawn suppliers in the market.  Interested in buying ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks for your mushroom farm? Check out your options here. 

Work with commercial mushroom spawn suppliers with experience

We have been in a position where we produced thousands of pounds of fresh mushrooms each month, while also developing mushroom spawn blocks for other farmers to use.  With our mushroom spawn blocks, the mycelium has grown through the sawdust and is ready to be expanded onto another material. Mycelium is the living tissue that creates a mushroom. It is a network of fungal cells that digests food, grows into new territory, and protects the fungus. Fungi spend most of their life as this mycelial network and are coaxed into creating a mushroom occasionally. When you buy a mushroom spawn block from Fungi Ally, the mycelium of the mushroom being cultivated has already been isolated and expanded. This process starts with mycelium on a petri plate. The petri plate is sterilized in the laboratory and a small piece of mushroom mycelium is placed onto it in a flow hood. The mycelium grows out and is then expanded onto sterilized grain. This growth process on a quart jar of grain usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the species. Once the mycelium has encompassed the grain, it is then transferred onto sawdust, plug spawn, or more grain. If you buy mushroom spawn blocks from Fungi Ally, you are getting spawn that has been transferred and expanded as little as possible. We know from experience that less contamination and better fruiting occurs from young spawn.

The best commercial spawn suppliers avoid contamination 

If you buy mushroom spawn bags it is very important to get aseptically grown mushroom mycelium. It is possible to grow your own spawn with low tech methods, tools, and techniques but quality really matters. Contamination is not a yes or no answer with lots of contamination being impossible to detect except for a decrease in yield. Often times changing the source of spawn or the strain can help increase yields for growers who are growing their own spawn. It is important to remember that cultivation of mycelium is happening on a microscopic level. There is constant competition for food, space, and resources in the substrate where mushrooms are growing. By ensuring the spawn used is of the highest quality, grown using methods and tools designed to eliminate microorganisms, growers greatly increases their chances of successfully cultivating mushrooms.

How to cultivate your own mushroom grain spawn

Want to cultivate your own mushroom grain spawn? Here is a quick step-by-step process for doing it if you do not want to buy your own from commercial mushroom spawn suppliers like us.   
  • Mix substrate: For substrate we use one part water, one part grain and 1/5 part vermiculite. This works out to about 1,000 grams of water, 1,000 grams of grain (oat is what we have used lately but, wheat, rye, millet all work) and 200 grams of vermiculite. This is layered in the bag grain, vermiculite, and finally water. 
  • Fold bags: This simple step can be the difference between success and failure. Bags that are not folded properly can be extremely difficult to seal, taking longer to do and sometimes not sealing at all. Bags should not have any creases in them or any substrate in the area that is going to be sealed. You have to be extremely picky if you want to cultivate mushroom spawn properly.
  • Load pressure cooker. When loading an all-American pressure cooker we typically will load the first bag against the column, which will be the last bag to come out. With a 41 quart sterilizer we do two layers of five-pound bags. Each layer has three bags. The first bag on the top layer is in the space between the handles. With this orientation bags can be pulled out without ripping the sides.
  • Inoculate. Inoculation should happen in front of a flow hood. Grain spawn is high in nutrients so it can contaminate easily, which is why a flow hood is important.
  • Incubate. Once inoculated, bags should be kept between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit during incubation. Spawn typically takes about two to three weeks to colonize.
If you need high-quality spawn now, buy it from us! Check out all of your options now, including grain spawn, plug spawn, and sawdust spawn
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