Discover Mushrooms Kits: Growing Gourmet Food Has Never Been Easier

Discover Mushrooms Kits: Growing Gourmet Food Has Never Been Easier

Pounds of fresh food can be harvested from our mushrooms kits! Growing your own mushrooms at home has never been easier!

The best mushroom growing kits produce pounds of fresh food! Have you tried out mushrooms kits? Growing with them makes the process very easy. Our indoor mushroom growing kit options are the perfect introduction to growing mushrooms at home. Our kits are great for experienced growers, too. Small commercial mushroom farmers often buy our kits so they do not have to create the colonized blocks themselves. It is easier and more economical for them to simply fruit the blocks and sell the fresh mushrooms in their local communities. Each one of our kits is 10 lbs and certified organic, so you can get pounds of delicious mushrooms from each kit throughout multiple flushes. Regardless of your experience level, you can be growing your own gourmet mushrooms at home with our kits.

Buy mushrooms kits: Growing options that will help you produce pounds of food

Covid19 has led many people to think about food sovereignty. In a time when food supply chains may become impacted and people are less interested in spending time in grocery stores, producing your own food at home and developing relationships with local food producers is important. Our mushroom growing kits are the perfect introduction to growing mushrooms at home. Many mushroom growers start with our mushroom growing kits and move on to conducting their own bigger mushroom grows with the use of our colonized grain and sawdust spawn. However, some growers continue to use our kits regularly because of the value these kits provide. Our kits are able to fruit 2-4 pounds of fresh, organic mushrooms throughout multiple flushes. Each kit weighs 10 lbs, but we offer a reduced rate of shipping and only charge customers for 6.5 lbs of weight. Shipping costs obviously change depending on how many kits are purchased and where the shipment is going, but the value remains. For instance, if you bought one kit for $30 and paid another $10 for shipping, the total cost of the kit would be $40. If you used the kit in ideal environmental conditions where you had the temperature and relative humidity dialed in properly, then you would be able to yield, on the higher side, around four pounds So let’s say the kit was in the ideal spot with perfect conditions and you receive a full four pounds of fresh, organic mushrooms. Then consider the value. One small-scale mushroom farmer I know uses our products and sells lion’s mane mushrooms at a farmers’ market for $20 per pound! If you were growing the lion’s mane kit and you received four pounds of lion’s mane, that would cost $80 at said farmers’ market. You can see the value there and beyond it, you will get the enjoyable experience of growing your own gourmet food!

Mushrooms Kits: Growing these species is preferred by our allies

Shiitake: The shiitake mushroom is one of the most popular in the world. It has a nutty, umami flavor that goes great in soups, stews, stir fries, or even simply as a side dish. Lion’s mane: This intriguing mushroom kit is a top seller for a few important reasons. One, our audience members love to see this unique mushroom growing. The second reason people love to grow their own lion’s mane is because this mushroom is not readily available in the commercial market. It may be available at some farmers’ markets or gourmet stores, but many locations do not carry lion’s mane. Lastly, lion’s mane mushrooms are delicious! They have a great texture that is reminiscent of meat, so it can please the palette of many consumers. Blue oyster: Blue oyster is an aggressively growing mushroom that can handle a range of temperatures. These mushrooms are a beautiful blue/grey color and they go great in egg dishes, fritatas, or stir fries.

Interested in some more-unique options? We have some exotic mushrooms to try 

Our mushroom growing kits come in a variety of species, so you can grow so many types of mushrooms at home! Visit our growing kits page to see all of your options: Kits we have available beyond the basics: Pioppino: The pioppino is another interesting mushroom that grows on poplar trees in the wild. These mushrooms have a sweet, nutty flavor and they have a firmness that is heartier than many of the oyster mushrooms. This mushroom will go well in stir fries, pasta dishes, risotto, or meat dishes. This mushroom has a white stem and a light brown colored cap. The stem has more firmness than the cap, although this mushroom is heartier overall. King oyster: The king oyster, also known as the king trumpet, looks very different from other oyster mushrooms. The kings have big, thick stems and thinner caps. This is a hearty mushroom that can substitute for chicken or steak. It soaks up the flavors of what it’s cooked in, as well. Try your hand at growing all of these delicious mushrooms!
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