Edible Mushroom Grow Kits for Indoor Mushroom Growing

You can fruit your own shiitake, blue oyster, and lion’s mane mushrooms, and mroe at home with our edible mushroom grow kits

Our edible mushroom grow kits bring the joy of growing mushrooms to your home in the simplest way possible.

Interested in growing mushrooms for the first time but feel unsure or intimidated by the process? There not much room (or mush-room) for worry with our mushroom grow kits. We make the entire process of growing your own mushrooms easy, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

We have three options of edible mushroom grow kits for you — shiitake, chestnut, blue oyster, and lion’s mane

Here’s the lowdown on our available mushroom grow kits.

First, let’s take a look at the shiitake mushroom kits. The shiitake mushroom grow kit allows you to produce two pounds of shiitakes over the course of two months throughout multiple flushes, taking place about two weeks apart.

These shiitake mushroom grow kits are made from high-quality ingredients including hardwood sawdust and our contaminant-free shiitake mycelium. Like all of our mushroom grow kits, the shiitake grow kit comes ready to fruit.

Shiitake mushrooms are native to Japan, Korea, and China. Shiitake is a Japanese word. The translation of this word is simply a mushroom growing on the shii tree: “take” meaning mushroom and “shii” being a kind of evergreen tree that grows in Japan and Korea. Shiitakes are the gateway mushroom into the field of specialty mushrooms.

Lion’s mane edible mushroom grow kits are a tasty treat to grow

Lion’s mane are one of the favorite gourmet mushrooms of fungi lovers. Not only can the taste resembles a seafood delicacy like lobster or shrimp, but this mushroom is also quite nutritious, as nearly a fifth of it is protein.

This strangely shaped and delicious mushroom is welcome to the dinner plate of any mushroom lover. With a lobster like taste this mushroom is fantastic sautéed with some butter and lemon juice or used for faux crabcakes. Lion’s mane is very sponge like and soaks up the flavors it is cooked with. Lion’s mane has cascading spines and can bruise easily, be sure to get it when it has been handled minimally and travelled a short distance. The mushrooms starts out pink without any of the spines that are seen at maturity. As it grows the spines lengthen and point straight out and then start to cascade down to the ground. Interestingly enough, lion’s mane may help support nerve regeneration and a study has also shown the use of lion’s mane helps improve mild cognitive impairment.

This grow kit will also produce two pounds of mushrooms throughout two months. We recommend sautéing these mushrooms until a slight, crispy brown on the edges. It goes great with some olive oil, butter, or lemon juice.

If you’ve never tried a lion’s mane mushroom then this may be the best grow kit to start with!

Interested in one of our new edible mushroom grow kits? Chestnut is the new kid on the block!

Chestnuts are growing in popularity in the specialty mushroom field. This is a nutty mushroom that grows in clusters, and the caps can be dry to slightly slimy. If they are, keep in mind that this is totally normal and it probably does not mean the mushroom has gone bad. The entire cap and stem can be used, with the stem being diced into smaller pieces. The strong flavor of this mushroom lend it well to being used in rice dishes and stir fries, giving the meal a stronger umami and nutty flavor and texture. Chestnuts have a beautiful chestnut brown coloring and can have slightly ornamented caps and stems. The baby mushrooms have spikes that stick out from the cap of the mushroom. Like the others, our chestnut mushroom growing kit should produce up to two pounds of fresh mushrooms.

Blue oyster is the pearl of our edible mushroom grow kits

As the name suggests, the blue oyster mushroom is shaped like an oyster shell. It can have a briny flavor when cooked, and the lush velvety texture is loved by many fungiphiles.

This mushroom is sweeter and has a more subtle taste than shiitake. The caps are the most desirable part and the stems should be chopped finely. Where the stems come together at the base of the mushrooms should be discarded. Oyster mushrooms are amazing with fried eggs, omelettes, or in pasta dishes. Pink and yellow oyster mushrooms have a much shorter shelf life, be sure to use these within four days of purchasing them. If you are interested in growing mushrooms oysters are a great one to start as they grow on a wide range of materials and grow very quickly.

Our blue oyster mushroom grow kit will provide one-and-a-half to two pounds of mushrooms over three months.

Our mushroom grow kits are perfect gifts

Whether you want to start your own indoor mushroom garden, or you want to supply your loved ones with a great growing gift, an edible mushroom grow kit is the perfect way to start.

Once the grow kit finishes its flushes, you can use it to inoculate your compost, paper waste, or coffee grounds. This way our gourmet mushroom grow kits are easy all the way through — from start to finish — and provide an interesting and interactive experience for growing your own mushrooms at home.

Buy your edible mushrooms grow kits today!

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