Discover an Array of Gifts for Mushroom Lovers in Our Online Store

Discover an Array of Gifts for Mushroom Lovers in Our Online Store

From tools and spawn to mushroom growing kits and online courses, we have a diverse variety of gifts for mushroom lovers

Gifts for mushroom lovers come in many shapes and sizes. From colonized substrate to an array of spawn, our online store has a lot of gift options for new mushroom lovers to the seasoned forager. Today we are running down the types of gifts for mushroom lovers we have within our online store so you can decide which fits right for the mushroom lover in your life.

Gifts for mushroom lovers who are new to mushroom cultivation

Have you ever grown your own gourmet food at home? If so, you must know the feeling of accomplishment. The joy that is felt when you witness the first seedling sprouting or the first mushrooms beginning to pin. Many mushroom lovers who first decide to grow their own mushrooms at home begin with a ready-to-fruit mushroom growing kit. These kits have been inoculated with mycelium and the incubation period is complete, allowing for the kit to be fully colonized. The user receives the kit in the mail and can begin fruiting mushrooms right away. These kits require the least amount of work for growing mushrooms compared to other methods; you simply cut holes in the plastic bag on each side of the kit and you spray it a few times each day with water to ensure a proper amount of humidity.

Pro tip: If you want to get the biggest yields possible from your mushroom growing kit, I recommend monitoring both the temperature and the relative humidity of the environment where your kit is located. Dial in the specifics for each species. We provide information on the recommended temperature range and relative humidity for the mushroom species we carry on our growing kits page. The mushrooms are most sensitive to drying out when they are very small "pins" be sure to mist heavily between days 3-8 of fruiting. You should be able to get your first flush of fresh mushrooms within two weeks of starting the process. The first flush will be the biggest you receive from the kit. Subsequent flushes will allow you to produce more mushrooms, but will be lower yields. Each mushroom growing kit we provide is 10 pounds of organic, colonized substrate. You can yield two to four pounds of fresh mushrooms throughout the duration of the kits’ lifespan. Your yields will be highest if you dial in the ideal environmental conditions from the start. The mushroom species we provide kits of include:

  • Blue oyster mushroom
  • Chestnut mushroom
  • Lion’s mane mushroom
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Golden oyster mushroom
  • Black oyster mushroom
  • King trumpet mushroom
  • Pioppino mushroom
  • Reishi mushroom
  • Phoenix oyster mushroom
Beyond the kits, another helpful tool is our home growing online course. This course captures the essence of small-scale mushroom farming. The course will teach you how to grow anywhere from a few pounds of fresh mushrooms up to fifty pounds weekly. I bet you can't eat that many mushrooms! This course details some of the popular and not-so-popular mushrooms and methods for cultivation. This includes:
  • How to grow wine cap mushrooms outside on wood chips
  • How to grow shiitake mushrooms on logs
  • How to grow oyster mushrooms on straw or coffee grounds
  • How to expand mycelium for bigger grows
  • How to grow mushrooms on stumps, totems, and rafts

Whether you want to increase your own food sovereignty or you want to expand your local community’s access to fresh, organic, locally-sourced mushrooms, this course will show you the way.

Gifts for mushroom lovers: Mushroom tools

Let’s take a quick rundown of the mushroom tools we provide that made perfect gifts for mushroom lovers. First, there is the opinel knife. This tool is great for harvesting fresh mushrooms, either cultivated or ones found out in the wild. It makes going through large flushes much quicker and easier, and allows for the mushroom harvester to avoid harming the mycelium so more mushrooms can fruit from the area in the future. Next we have some helpful tools for mushroom cultivators who use logs for plug spawn or sawdust spawn. We have some high-speed bit tools in our online store that are perfect for drilling holes in logs for inoculating either plug spawn or sawdust spawn. We also have wax to seal the holes once they have been filled with the spawn. Sealing the holes is important in keeping unwanted bacteria or fungi out of the freshly-inoculated logs. Unsure about selecting the best gifts for mushroom lovers in your life? You can always go with a Fungi Ally gift card, which can be used on any items in our online store.

Gifts for mushroom lovers: Spawn

We have sawdust spawn, plug spawn, and grain spawn for the mushroom growers who want to go beyond ready-to-fruit kits. Sawdust and grain spawn can be expanded to grow more mushrooms, and plug spawn works well for log inoculations, and can be used with stumps and totems as well. We generally carry the same species in spawn as we do for kits, but we also have some additional species available in spawn that we do not have as grow kits. These include hen of the woods mushroom, also known as the maitake mushroom, chicken of the woods mushrooms, morel mushrooms, and wine cap mushrooms.
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