Grow Mushrooms at Home: Kit Options Make It Easier

Grow Mushrooms at Home: Kit Options Make It Easier

Get a grow-mushrooms-at-home kit and your love of mushrooms will surely grow, just like like the tasty food you will be producing

A grow-mushrooms-at-home kit is a fun way to get acquainted with the process of mushroom growing. Starting at home is perfect for any hobbyist, and it is a great introduction to those who want to scale and become a commercial mushroom farmer. Today we are looking at six major reasons why the grow-mushrooms-at-home kit options we provide are worth buying and using to grow your own organic, gourmet food at home.

Six big benefits of our grow-mushrooms-at-home kit line 

  1. We provide high-quality, professional-grade kits: The kits we sell have been used to produce thousands of pounds of fresh mushrooms for commercial sale. If you choose to use these kits, you will be benefiting from professional-grade kits that have been used in commercial mushroom cultivation.
  2. We have a variety of species available. There are many benefits to have variety offered within the mushroom cultivation world. For hobbyists, variety allows them to try working with a number of delicious and unique mushroom species. Variety also benefits the commercial mushroom farmer because it affords the opportunity to test out different species before deciding on running larger grows of new mushrooms. For instance, if a mushroom farmer wants to add lion’s mane to their cultivation room they can experiment with this mushroom in a small run before increasing the size much larger, which is often required for commercial grows.
  3. Our kits come ready to fruit! Once you receive your kit in the mail you will be ready to begin the fruiting process. Even if your kit arrives broken apart due to the shipping process, the kit will quickly recover due to fully-colonized mycelium. You can also wait for a few days before starting the fruiting process if you keep your kit in a refrigerated area. However, the kits will begin fruiting on their own somewhere between two and three weeks from being placed in the refrigerated area, so please keep that in mind.
  4. These grow mushrooms at home kit options are perfect for any skill level. If you are a complete beginner to mushroom growing then you came to the right place! These kits will allow you to grow mushrooms with more ease than you would have starting with plug spawn, grain spawn, or sawdust spawn. If you are a seasoned professional, the kits will be especially easy to use and you can get the benefit of experimenting with a variety of species.
  5. These grow mushrooms at home kit options are certified organic. If you are going to buy a mushroom growing kit, you should consider going organic! Why buy conventional products when you can get organic for a similar price? Not only will you have local food, you will be producing local, organic food.
  6. The biggest kits for your money. Each kit we provide is 10 pounds of colonized substrate, ready to produce pounds of delicious food. These kits can fruit up to four pounds of fresh mushrooms throughout multiple flushes, if the ideal fruiting conditions are used in your grow space. Even though these kits weigh 10 pounds, we only charge shipping on 6.5 pounds, so you would get a cheaper product than any other 10 pound kit on the market that charges normal rates for shipping. Grow pounds of fresh food and this kit will pay for itself.

We teach you the process of growing mushrooms for all skill levels

We believe in education at Fungi Ally and have taught many in-person workshops on mushroom growing, as well as online courses. We want more people to feel empowered enough to grow their own gourmet mushrooms at home inside or in the garden outdoors. Willie, the founder and lead consultant at Fungi Ally, has received numerous grants throughout the years to help further develop the commercial mushroom farm in the northeast. He has taught dozens of in-person commercial mushroom growing workshops throughout numerous states in the northeast and down the eastern coast. Willie has also developed tons of video content for growers online. This information is freely shared because part of the mission is to expand the use, understanding, and growth of the fungi-loving community. Check out the Fungi Ally YouTube channel to view all of this content. Within this channel you can find videos on using these grow-mushrooms-at-home kits. You can see the process from the start. Many of the kits in the videos even provide examples of the fruited mushroom bodies growing from the kits. Here is a list of our YouTube videos that will be helpful for you if you’re interested in mushroom growing kits: Here are some additional videos listed that can help those interested in learning more about commercial mushroom farming: Try out these grow-mushrooms-at-home kit options and learn all about methods for growing mushrooms at home!
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