Discover Our Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit Options for Tasty Results 

Discover Our Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit Options for Tasty Results 

Use a grow your own mushroom kit to experience the wonder of producing your own delicious, organic food at home

A grow your own mushroom kit is the perfect introduction to the world of mushroom cultivation. It is also a great way to try different and unique food at home. Whether you want to be a professional mushroom farmer or you simply want to eat more fresh, local food, a growing kit is for you! Check out information on our mushroom species below.

Our grow your own mushroom kit options: People love oyster mushrooms

We have a selection of colorful oyster mushroom growing kits, including blue oyster, golden oyster, pink oyster, black oyster, phoenix oyster, and king oyster. Many of these oyster mushrooms grow fast and aggressively. They don’t require the same type of attention in the fruiting process as some other mushrooms do. Oyster mushrooms are high in nutrients, including: zinc, iron, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, niacin, and vitamins B-1 and B-2. They may also have the ability to inhibit and prevent the growth and of certain cancers, like colon and breast cancers. This grow kit is capable of fruiting up to five pounds of fresh oyster mushrooms over the course of three months. Once the kit is finished flushing you can use it to inoculate paper waste, coffee grounds, or compost! Each oyster mushroom kit comes colonized and is certified organic.

Learning about some of the unique species we have

Lion’s mane: This intriguing mushroom kit is a top seller for a few important reasons. One, our audience members love to see this unique mushroom growing. The lion’s mane mushroom starts off as a clump that gets bigger. The color is typically a lightish pink color that turns white as the mushroom matures. This mushroom also has spines that develop and stick out early in its fruiting stage and by the time it is ready to be harvested the spines will all cascade downwards to the body of the mushroom. The second reason people love to grow their own lion’s mane is because this mushroom is not readily available in the commercial market. It may be available at some farmers’ markets or gourmet stores, but many locations do not carry lion’s mane. Lastly, lion’s mane mushrooms are delicious! They have a great texture that is reminiscent of meat, so it can please the palette of many consumers. Pioppino: The pioppino is another interesting mushroom that grows on poplar trees in the wild. These mushrooms have a sweet, nutty flavor and they have a firmness that is heartier than many of the oyster mushrooms. This mushroom will go well in stir fries, pasta dishes, risotto, or meat dishes. This mushroom has a white stem and a light brown colored cap. The stem has more firmness than the cap, although this mushroom is heartier overall. Phoenix oyster: Also known as the Italian oyster or the summer oyster, this mushroom loves the warmer temperatures. This mushroom is oftentimes mistaken for the pearl oyster. Like many other oyster species, the phoenix oyster is an aggressive colonizer and is easy to fruit. The phoenix oyster grows wild in the United States. In the eastern part of the US this species can be found on hardwoods. However, growing out in the western part of the country you can find this mushroom on conifers. Reishi: The reishi mushroom growing kit begins with the antler phase, which is different from our other kits. The mushroom morphs from the antler shape to the conch shape during growth. A lot of time this happens when the mushroom is in higher CO2 and lower light environment. Many people consider reishi a valued medicinal mushroom. It may have the ability to help modulate the immune system, which potentially leads to increases in the amount of active T-cells. This mushroom may also impact apoptosis, which is programmed cell death that is important to the proper functioning of the human organism. Reishi is an interesting mushroom that is very fun to grow. If you live in the northeast, you can go foraging for reishi during the warmer months. You can typically start seeing them in late May on hemlocks, preferably around water. They will be ready to harvest around late July.

Understanding the benefits of our grow your own mushroom kit options

There are various mushroom growing kits offered on the market, but we think ours are the best choice. We say this because our kits are big, weighing in at 10lbs each. Most of the other kits are not as big so you will not be able to fruit as many mushrooms. The cost is often comparable to other smaller kits. When used correctly, our kits will help you fruit pounds of mushrooms throughout multiple flushes. Even better, our kits are certified organic and these kits have been used by professionals for small commercial operations. Check out our entire selection of mushroom growing kits now!
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