Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit: Bringing Fungi Into Your Home

Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit: Bringing Fungi Into Your Home

Have you wanted to grow your own mushrooms? Kit options we have will surprise and delight you — see for yourself in the video below

We offer these mushroom fruiting kits so you can grow your own mushrooms at home. Is it time you started to grow your own mushrooms? Kit options we provide will help you experiment with a variety of strains and species.

Without further adieu, here’s a deeper dive into our mushroom fruiting kits.

Grow your own mushrooms kit: The benefits of using these kits

We offer these fruiting kits so you can grow your own mushrooms at home. They are a great way to start out, to get to know mushrooms, and to have an abundant supply of mushrooms at home.

Once you order a mushroom growing kit from us, you will receive it in the mail and it will be ready to use. 

The mushroom growing kit is a block of sawdust and mycelium grown on the inside. In the video you can see that I’m demonstrating with an oyster mushroom grow kit. To begin to simply cut an ‘X’ into the face of the grow kit. You can stab right into the sawdust while doing this. This big ‘X’ shape is where the mushrooms will fruit from.

You do not need to take the block out of the bag. Instead, you can fold some of the bag down so there’s adequate room for the mushrooms to grow from. You can then place this growing kit on a counter or shelf in your house, or even outdoors.

Watch this video so you can see first-hand how to prepare your mushroom grow kit:

What to keep in mind while using your grow kit

It’s important to keep the block properly humid once you have cut the bag open. You will need to mist or spray the block down two or three times each day. This is especially important during the first three or four days of the process. Humidity is critical to get a nice pin set forming (the mushrooms ‘pin’ before fruiting).

After about six or seven days you will see some sizable mushrooms but they will not be ready to harvest yet. At this stage you won’t have to worry about humidity as much. You could cut down your daily misting to about one time each day at this point, as the humidity is not as important now as it is when first beginning the bag.

In another day or two you will have a full, abundant flush of oyster mushrooms. In the video you can see that they are taking up the entire ‘X’ that was cut in the plastic. The mushrooms often will push back part of the plastic as they grow bigger and mature. This bag yielded a great first flush in the video!

Grow your own mushrooms kit: Harvesting is easier than you may think

To harvest, grab the cluster with your hand and pull the fruited mushrooms right off. I demonstrate this in the video. The bottom usually has a little sawdust on it, but you can either cut it off or simply pull it off.

At the end of the video you can see that the mushrooms fruited through the ‘X’ that had been cut. They did this because mushrooms breathe in oxygen. The mushrooms grow towards an oxygen-rich environment, which was provided to them by the breach in the plastic.

Mushroom kit experiences can lead to greater grows

It is not uncommon to see commercial mushroom farmers getting their initial inspiration to grow edible mushrooms because they tried a growing kit and loved it. It’s also not uncommon to see commercial mushroom farmers using kits extensively within their commercial practices. This is the case because some farmers will experiment with different strains through kits first. For instance, if an oyster mushroom farmer traditionally grew blue oyster mushrooms and then decided to give pink oyster mushrooms a try, they could buy three pink oyster mushroom growing kits to try. If they use the kits and are happy with the yield and quality of mushroom, then they may decide to increase the volume. If they realize the new strain did not fit their farm well, then they could avoid growing it in larger amounts, ultimately saving on time and money. Trying new strains is a cheap experiment that is easily conducted with a growing kit. It is also worth mentioning that our mushroom kits are professional-grade, as we used these same kits to grow and sell an assortment of edible mushrooms throughout the northeast part of the U.S. You can grow your own mushrooms with this kit. We have a variety of mushroom growing kits available to you, and our new mega mushroom growing kits are some of the best on the market because of the sheer volume of fresh mushrooms it will produce.

There you have it! Now it’s your turn — buy your own mushroom growing kit here!

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