How to Start Mushroom Cultivation: Low-Tech to Small-Scale Farming

How to Start Mushroom Cultivation: Low-Tech to Small-Scale Farming

Learn how to start mushroom cultivation to feed your family and community, or take it a step further to develop a commercial small-scale mushroom farm

Learning how to start mushroom cultivation can be lots of fun! There’s a magical world of mycelium awaiting you and it can lead to lots of fresh food. For some, it may even develop into a fruitful business. 

Today we are looking at ways beginners to mushroom farming can get a strong hold on the cultivation process. Below we share tips, resources, and some popular classes that can help you, regardless of your skill level. We can even help you produce hundreds of pounds of fresh mushrooms weekly if that is your desired outcome. 

How to start mushroom cultivation: Check out our free guidebooks

Our guidebooks are a great starting point for any new mushroom grower. We have six guidebooks that you can browse through that help explain the process for growing various species on an array of substrates. 

For the total beginner I recommend checking out the Oyster Mushroom Cultivation guidebook. Oyster mushrooms are some of the easier mushrooms to grow as they are aggressive colonizers. This guidebook specifically goes over the process for growing oysters on straw, and it covers all stages, from the treatment of straw, to inoculation, incubation, and fruiting. Each step is crucial to the success of the grow, and you will get the complete process in detail in this guidebook. 

The Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation guidebook can also be used for total beginners as shiitakes are not very difficult to grow either. This guidebook shares the process of growing shiitakes on hardwood logs and sawdust blocks. 

How to start mushroom cultivation: Browse our YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel is the next spot to check out for information on mushroom cultivation. We have a whole slew of video content on there that can help you get to understand mushrooms and mushroom cultivation much more deeply. 

For instance, have you ever tried using a mushroom growing kit? We sell mushroom growing kits through our online store because they are the perfect starting point for people interested in growing mushrooms. Our YouTube channel has videos on how to use these kits so you will be fully prepared once your kit arrives in the mail. The kits we sell are big 10-pound blocks that are fully colonized and certified organic. You can get up to five pounds of fresh mushrooms throughout multiple flushes. 

In addition to growing kits, there are videos for:

  • Growing oyster mushrooms on toilet paper
  • Growing black king oysters and nameko on rafts
  • Growing golden oysters on stumps

You will also find tips on developing mushroom fruiting chambers or grow rooms, information on the lifecycle of mushrooms, and a variety of mushroom farm tours. The YouTube channel has a wealth of knowledge on it so be sure to check it out. 

How to start mushroom cultivation: Take our Online Home Growers Class

If I were embarking upon the journey of mushroom cultivation at home so I could consistently have fresh mushrooms for my family and friends, then I would strongly consider taking this online course for home growing. 

This course has a lot of benefits that go beyond our guidebooks or YouTube videos. First off, there is a lot more content held within this class as it is around four and a half hours long. There are also recommendations on further readings and videos that are shared with class participants. There is even a Facebook group for alumni of the course, so you can interact and continue to learn with other fungi fanatics.

This class also teaches the cultivation process for eight different mushroom species, so you will be able to grow many more types of mushrooms with this course. If you want up to 20 pounds of fresh mushrooms each week, then this course is for you. Learn more and register here. 

How to start mushroom cultivation: Take our Online Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Course 

If you are at the stage where you are serious about starting a mushroom farm business then we can help you start in the most efficient and effective manner. Willie, the owner of Fungi Ally, head mushroom grower, and instructor of these online cultivation courses, has years of experience farming mushrooms. He developed his own mushroom farm from scratch and shares tips, tricks, and things to avoid during this comprehensive course. Not only can you begin your mushroom farm, you can do so with the help of someone who has been there. Better yet, you’ll be able to avoid the trial-and-error situations that many farmers face. 

This course is around nine hours of usable information. You will discover: 

  • Multiple processes of mushroom cultivation indoors and out 
  • Recommendations on species and strains to grow
  • Details on planning and designing your mushroom farm
  • Methods for develop and expanding spawn
  • Ways to make money through sales and products
  • Processes for looking for grants and funding

In addition to the course, videos, and additional readings, you will receive a free 30-minute private consultation with Willie, and a 25% discount to the Fungi Ally online store so you can stock up on any mushroom spawn or products you may need to get started. Learn more about this online course and register here. 

There you have it, a myriad of ways on how to start mushroom cultivation. We hope we can assist you along the way!

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