Know When to Take Lion’s Mane Supplements for Better Results

Know When to Take Lion’s Mane Supplements for Better Results

Wondering when to take lion’s mane supplements? Morning, afternoon, or night works, but we share so much more info for you here. Learn more about lion’s mane!

The lion’s mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is a fungal friend of ours! This globe-shaped, toothed mushroom is a choice edible loved by many. It looks very different from many other mushrooms, as it appears to be shaggy and rounded in shape. The mushroom gets its name from its appearance, and it is also known as the bearded tooth mushroom, pom pom mushroom, monkey head mushroom, or the bearded hedgehog mushroom. 

We’ve been asked about when to take lion’s mane because we sell powder and capsule extracts of this exquisite mushroom, and people want the best experience they can get. Below we share our recommendations on when to take lion’s mane, and we provide some other interesting info on lion’s mane. 

When to take lion’s mane supplements: You have options

One great thing about lion’s mane mushrooms is that you can consume this mushroom at any time of the day, morning or night. This isn’t the case with all mushrooms, and we wouldn’t recommend taking a mushroom like cordyceps at night because it can increase energy and keep someone awake. 

Another study, from Nagano et al., involved administering lion’s mane to participants who experienced feelings of depression, irritability, and fatigue. After four weeks of administering lion’s mane, the participants reported a lessening of these feelings compared to before the administration of lion's mane. These findings suggest that 

According to another study, which addresses the results from Nagano et al., “These findings suggest that H. erinaceus may be beneficial for people who suffer from circadian rhythm disorders and help alleviate sleep problems, while improving the quality of life for people who lead an unhealthy or non-productive lifestyle by habitually staying up late and sleeping in.”

When to take lion’s mane and ways of taking it

Let’s go through when to take lion’s mane in various forms, and how to do it. 

Lion’s mane mushroom capsules can be taken in the morning or in the afternoon. You can also take them in the evening but the capsule will take some time to dissolve in your system, so taking it earlier may be more helpful. 

Lion’s mane powder is also great to take in the morning or afternoon. You can mix it with your morning coffee or tea, or in the afternoon with a smoothie. You can even dissolve it directly in hot water if that is all that’s available to you. 

Taking the powder in the evening is also a viable option, and if you are making soup or stew for dinner, be sure to add some lion’s mane powder into it. Talk about healthy eating! 

Eating fresh lion’s mane is an option for you, too!

We think the easiest way to add lion’s mane to your life is by using our powder and capsule extracts. As mentioned above, they can be added to many beverages and meals, and are certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. 

Some people will forage for lion’s mane in the wild. You can find lion’s mane growing this way, but it is not the easiest mushroom to find. Furthermore, if you don’t find the lion’s mane earlier enough, it will get eaten by bugs that find it before you. There is, of course, another option for you...

You can also incorporate lion’s mane into your diet by growing, harvesting, and cooking your own at home! It will take a little more time than popping a capsule into your mouth or adding a few spoonfuls of lion’s mane powder to your morning coffee, but growing lion’s mane at home is a very rewarding experience

The best part is that we can help you with doing so! We have lion’s mane mushroom growing kits available in our online store. These kits come ready to fruit, so you can have fresh lion’s mane within a few weeks of receiving your kit. All of our growing kits are certified organic, weighing 10 pounds. These are some of the biggest growing kits on the market, and you will get multiple flushes of fresh lion’s mane from them. In total, you can get upwards of five pounds of fresh lion’s mane throughout the kit’s lifetime. 

More experienced growers can also use our grain spawn, sawdust spawn, or plug spawn to grow lion’s mane as well! You will need an appropriate substrate to do so, but you can get even more fresh lion’s mane with these growing methods. Check out this article on growing lion’s mane for more info! 

Get your lion’s mane extract powder or capsules, lion’s mane growing kits, and an array of lion’s mane spawn from us so you can experience the benefits of lion’s mane directly!

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