5 Things to Know About a Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

5 Things to Know About a Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Learn about a magic mushroom grow kit and why these methods for growing mushrooms are gaining popularity in places where they are legal

A feeling of euphoria or extreme happiness is witnessed whenever the brain secretes copious amounts of dopamine. Studies show that this constant feeling of dopamine rush or psychedelic high is responsible for consuming psychoactive substances. These fuel serotonin levels in the brain, which in turn causes a dopamine rush and intense feeling of exhilaration. If you are planning on getting or developing your own magic mushroom grow kit, make sure you do so in a place where it is legal. We do not condone illegal activity. One such psychoactive substance is magic mushrooms. Often used to induce a psychedelic high and feeling of euphoria, magic mushrooms help you trip, the natural way. Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, that acts as a psychoactive substance, to induce a feeling of being high. Magic mushrooms are widely famous for their ability to grow naturally and because they are potent hallucinogens. The combined level of psilocybin and psilocin varies from 0.1% to 2% of dry weight for both entheogenic and recreational purposes.

What is a magic mushroom grow kit?

A magic mushroom grow kit is essentially a bag that contains the spores of a mushroom strain. It is possible to culture microdosing mushrooms from (mycelium) strains. However, it is imperative to understand that factors such as air humidity, water, and other levels vary from strain to strain. Various grow kits have different instructions to maintain the right balance. There should be constant monitoring and supervision of these factors so that the mushrooms grow properly.

What does a magic mushroom grow kit contain?

A magic mushroom grow kit by different sellers differ in the contents. Every kit contains essentials that make the task of growing mushrooms extremely easy and simple. Typically, a grow kit must contain the following -
  • Mushroom strains or live mycelium
  • A grow or filter bag to maintain air humidity levels
  • A substrate
Mushroom strains may also be stored as spore syringes instead of live mycelium cultures.

Things to know about the magic mushroom grow kit

To choose a particular magic mushroom grow kit, there are multiple factors that you should know before deciding which grow kit to purchase. Following is a list to help you select the right grow kit:


Mushroom strains are often sold in the name of the origin sites. For example, there are Mexican, Hawaiian, Cambodian strains, etc. Every particular source of mushroom strain induces a particular level of high. Source-based strains are mostly sold through spore syringes. As a first-timer who wants to try it off, you may want to look at mushroom spores that grow relatively quickly compared to others.

Kind of Trip

Trips are characterized by a metric rank ranging from 1 to 5 levels, with 1 being mild trips to 5 being hyper-euphoric. The kind of trip you prefer is the main deciding factor in the selection of a mushroom strain. The kind of trip for an experienced user will differ from a beginner in many respects. For example, an experienced user might want strains that have more quantity of mushrooms. Similarly, a beginner would want strains where the scope of making a mistake while growing is relatively less, but the quality of the trip is high.

Type of Strain

Mushrooms are natural intoxicants and therefore exist in many different types in nature. Therefore, each strain is different and has different properties unique to it. For example, a high induced by Cubensis Ecuador is not necessarily similar to a high induced by Cubensis Cambodian. Therefore, you might want to select a grow kit based on the type of strain that you would prefer after carefully examining its characteristic properties.

Growing Habits

The type of grower that you are, influences the grow kit that you would prefer. As a beginner who is exploring it all, mushrooms like B+ strains are extremely easy to grow. A few lapses here and there do not impact the mushroom that much. As a beginner, you would want a grow kit that is extremely convenient for you. Grow kits for Koh Samui etc. especially come with filter bags that help keep the air humidity levels right. People can make their own magic mushroom grow kit with a sterilized bag of substrate, like the one pictured below, and spores of the desired mushroom.

Type of User

The type of user you are induces the type of trip you want, and so selection on such factors is vital. A frequent user would want a trip that sustains for quite long and, at the same time, has the quantity to back the quality. On the other hand, a beginner may choose a variant of magic mushrooms that may not have the right quantity but induces a good trip. All these factors are highly subjective based on the experience you have learned. Still, It's recommended that you should start slowly and gradually build up the strength & dosage with time.

Parting Words

It is essential to understand that while the spore is a natural way to feel ecstatic, a trip's strength must not overshadow important caveats. It is equally important to enjoy rightly and responsibly as well. Dosage and other conditional factors must not border on carelessness, and you should consume the necessary dosage to get the desired effects.
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