Discover the Joy of a Mushroom Grow Kit: USA Suppliers Here

Discover the Joy of a Mushroom Grow Kit: USA Suppliers Here

The perfect introduction to mushroom farming on any scale is a mushroom grow kit. USA residents will benefit by buying from us due to shipping rates

Do you have an interest in growing your own mushrooms? If so, a great option for you is a mushroom grow kit. USA residents benefit through buying a mushroom kit that is produced within the country. This always ensures a cheaper shipping rate and a shorter commute for your kit, allowing it to stay in perfectly usable condition. Longer shipping times can lead to kits getting broken, destroyed, or contaminated during transit.  Check out our mushroom growing kit options below. You will also find reasons why our grow kits are high-quality options for you to choose in a market that varies in quality.


Discover our mushroom grow kit - USA customers can choose from:

  • Shiitake mushroom kit
  • Lion’s mane mushroom kit
    mushroom grow kit usa suppliers
  • Chestnut mushroom kit
  • Blue oyster mushroom kit
  • Pink oyster mushroom kit
  • Yellow oyster mushroom kit
Continue below to discover some information on each of these mushroom strains.

Three big benefits of our mushroom growing kits

  1. Every type of mushroom growing kit we offer is of the highest quality. In fact, we used our kits to produce thousands of pounds of fresh mushrooms each month for commercial sale. If you choose to use our kits, you will be benefiting directly from our knowledge and experience because we put time and effort into testing which strains and substrates work best for delicious, high-yielding mushroom production. Our professional-grade kits are the result of this research and development.
  2. We have an array of mushroom kits to choose from and our inventory continues to grow. Variety benefits the recreational mushroom farmer because they get to try working with a number of delicious and unique strains. Variety also benefits the commercial mushroom farmer because it affords the opportunity to test out new and different strains before deciding on running larger grows of them. For instance, if a mushroom farmer wants to add pink oyster to their cultivation room they can experiment with this mushroom in a small run before increasing the size much larger, which is often required for commercial grows. 
  3. Our kits come ready to fruit! There is no waiting period required. Once your kit arrives, you can begin the mushroom fruiting process immediately. Or, if it isn’t the ideal time for you once the kit arrives, you can save it for later by placing it in a refrigerated area until you’re ready. However, the kits will begin fruiting on their own somewhere between two and three weeks from being placed in the refrigerated area, so please keep that in mind.

How to use our mushroom growing kits

mushroom growing kit: USA suppliers

The first piece to understand is that mushrooms love both oxygen and humidity. Mushrooms require each to grow successfully. 

To begin with a lion’s mane kit, I recommend cutting a few “V” shapes in the plastic bag of the kit. These “V” shapes will provide the fruited mushroom body an area to grow out of. Once you have cut the holes into the kit, you will need to start increasing the humidity potential by misting the growing kit. A spray bottle is a good option for you that makes the process easier. Lion’s mane likes temperatures between 65 degrees F and 75% F to fruit. Humidity should be around 80%. Once the lion’s mane has fruited from the holes, you will want to see the spines cascading downwards before you harvest. From this point you can simply grab the fruited body, twist and pull. 

To begin with an oyster kit, cut “X” shapes instead of the “V” shape cuts made with the lion’s mane kit. This shape is easier for the oysters grow out of, especially because they are differently shaped than the lion’s mane mentioned above. Following the same process of misting the block and keeping the humidity high. As with all of out kits, do not worry if you cut into the substrate block itself when you are creating your initial cuts. The substrate block is so well colonized for aggressive mycelium that the kit will still produce mushrooms. Your should flush should be ready in 10-14 days from the start of misting, and the kit will fruit three or four times before it is spent. 

To begin with a shiitake kit, we recommend taking the kit out of the plastic bag, or you can keep a little bit of plastic at the bottom for the kit to rest on. Shiitakes are a bit more adept at keeping humidity levels higher than the other mushrooms, which is why you can take it out of the plastic bag. Like the rest of the kits, these should be sprayed. Shiitakes can be wet even more than other mushroom strains. 

Want to get your hands on a mushroom grow kit? USA-based customers should consider our kits to save

Remember, you will save money on shipping buying from us if you are based in the US opposed to buying internationally. You will also receive a high-quality, professional-grade grow kit that has been used in commercial mushroom production. Check out the selections and buy yours today! P.S. These kits also make great gifts!
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