These Mushroom Growing Bags Will Help You Produce the Bounty You Seek

These Mushroom Growing Bags Will Help You Produce the Bounty You Seek

Whether you’re looking for empty mushroom growing bags or bags full of substrate and mycelium — we have you covered

Looking for mushroom growing bags? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have empty mushroom growing bags for mushroom farmers interested in bagging there own. Buy now!

We also have mushroom growing bags filled with substrate and inoculated mycelium so you can grow your own delicious edible mushrooms at home.

Here’s the lowdown on our grow bags.

First, these bags may also be known as filter patch bags. They are autoclavable, gusseted, polypropylene bags that are 8”x5”x19” in size. Each bag will hold up to seven pounds of substrate. The filter on the bags is 0.2 microns.

These filter patch bags are perfect for the mushroom grower who wants to do supplemented bulk production or spawn production with ease.

We sell these filter patch mushroom growing bags in the following quantities:

  • 10 bags ($8)
  • 100 bags ($50)
  • 500 bags ($190)
  • 1,000 bags ($350)

Note: If you plan on sealing these bags, you will need a heat sealer to do it.

These mushroom growing bags filled with mycelium and substrate, and are ready to fruit!

Our mushroom grow bags, or mushroom grow kits, come in a variety of mushroom strains, including shiitake, lion’s mane, chestnut, and blue, pink, and yellow oyster mushrooms.

These mushroom growing kits are the perfect gift for mushroom enthusiasts, as well as DIYers who like to grow their own healthy food at home. It is also a great introduction to growing mushrooms for those interested in getting to a larger production.

Each kit will produce two pounds of mushrooms over the course of two months and multiple flushes. It’s easy to care for these kits: All you have to do is mist them daily and keep them in a location with some sunlight.

One of the best characteristics of these mushroom kits is that they can used to inoculate paper waste, coffee grounds, or compost once it’s spent after the three months of its lifespan.

Our mushroom bags filled with grain spawn

One of our mushroom grow bag options is grain spawn. This substrate is perfect for growing indoors with inoculation options of coffee grounds, straw, or supplemented sawdust. The grain we use is millet because the small size of the particles allows for fast growth of mycelium. The grain spawn we use is second generation spawn so you can expand it more easily for a third generation.

As always, our mushroom spawn is grown in a sterile lab and produced year-round to ensure the freshest spawn. 

Want to grow mushrooms at home? Try a mushroom growing kit!

As mentioned above, our mushroom growing kits come in a variety of strains and product around two pounds of mushrooms in total.

Have you ever used a mushroom grow kit? If not, here’s a quick rundown on the process. It’s pretty easy and the final product is quite worth it.

You begin by submerging the sawdust block grow kit in water for five hours. Remove it, and place it on a place or baking sheet to hold remaining water. The block is then placed in a well-lit area that is not directly in the sunlight. At this point you start misting it everyday.

After four or five day you will begin to see “pins” coming from the block. These are the mushrooms starting to grow. The mushrooms will continue to grow for the next five days and then be ready to harvest the first flush once their gills appear. Then you can wait a few weeks and start the process again.

The benefits of using our mushroom growing bags and kits

In our world, a mushroom growing kit is the same as a mushroom growing bag. We have a variety of bags to choose that you can grow your own gourmet mushrooms with. Here’s a rundown on the benefits of our kits:
  • All of our kits are of the highest quality. We have used them to produce thousands of pounds of fresh mushrooms on a commercial level. You can benefit directly from our knowledge and experience with these professional-grade grow kits.
  • We provide a variety of strains. This allows mushroom farmers to try out different mushrooms before dedicating themselves to a specific mushroom at larger production levels.
  • We have tested both strains and substrates to develop the product we offer now. We were able to determine the combinations that worked best for bigger yields of beautiful gourmet mushrooms. Our research and development has led to these premier products.

Try our mushroom growing kit today! Even if you’ve grown mushrooms before, these kits are great because you can experiment with a variety of colorful and exotic strains. These kits also go well as gifts to your friends and family members who have an interest and appreciation for the beauty of mushrooms. 

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