mushroom growing course

Mushroom Growing Course: Online and In-Person Options for You

Interested in growing your own mushrooms? You can learn from a skilled professional by taking a mushroom growing course with us. Online and in-person options available

Want to take an online mushroom growing course? Head on over to our online class page for a variety of online options. We do private courses for beginning and intermediate mushroom growers that can be tailored to exactly what mushrooms you want to grow. Email us to set up your own private mushroom growing course. The current online mushroom courses we have available are: Taking a mushroom growing course online or in-person is a great way to learn about mushrooms. There is so much rapidly changing and evolving in the cultivation, foraging, mycoremediation, and medicinal fields of mushrooms. A course on mushroom growing can give you a good understanding of how to cultivate mushrooms, as well as other opportunities in the fungi kingdom. At Fungi Ally we offer mushroom growing classes several times throughout the year. We typically have a spring and fall event schedule offering workshops about growing mushrooms on logs, wood chips, straw and other easy to do home techniques. Once a year we have a more intensive in-person mushroom growing workshop to show people how to do it commercially or on a small scale at home consistently.
mushroom growing course

Mushroom Growing Course for Commercial Growers

Our online Cultivation course is an in-depth dive into how to grow mushrooms in a variety of methods and how to make it a business. The course covers aspects of creating a successful mission driven business and how to sell mushrooms. The following topics are covered:  
  • Creating a mission, goal, strategy based farm
  • Specialty mushroom life cycle
  • Identifying 5 common wild mushrooms
  • Market pulse of specialty mushrooms
  • Low-tech cultivation methods
  • Growing specialty mushrooms on supplemented sawdust
  • Lab and incubation design
  • Fruiting room design
  • Systems for starting a successful mushroom farm
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Other opportunities in the specialty mushroom field
mushroom growing course

This mushroom growing course is great for people that are exploring making specialty mushroom cultivation a business. Willie Crosby instructs the class and has 6 years of commercial cultivation growing as much as 600 pounds of mushrooms per week.

An option for beginners and home growers

We have a course for beginners and home growers is scheduled to start in the fall of 2019. If you are interested in being involved with this class email Willie at In this class we will focus on the process of easily producing up to 5 pounds of mushrooms consistently for the family kitchen table and medicine cabinet. A mix of foraging and cultivation methods will be discussed as well as how to make medicinal mushroom supplements and preserve mushrooms for future use. This class will be taught by Willie Crosby and several other guest speakers to make growing, consuming, and preserving mushrooms at home simple! All of our online courses include (6) 1.5 hour weekly webinars, additional readings, resources, homework (suggested, don't worry you want be graded), and a 30 minute private consultation.

Discover the Healthful Benefits of Mushrooms

mushroom growing course

Are you primarily interested in learning about the healthful benefits of mushrooms? This course is a deep dive into what medicinal mushrooms are, certain properties of medicinal mushrooms, how to use them at home, making products with mushrooms, and finally, how to grow and forage some of the common medicinal mushrooms. The medicinal mushroom field is full of so much advertising and marketing it is hard to make sense what is true. This course focuses on the confirmed research and raises questions with what current market products really are. The best way to know what you are getting is high quality, is to do it yourself. Build a relationship with these amazingly powerful fungi and take your health into your own hands. This course will leave you feeling empowered and ready to have a life-long relationship with fungi. Eating mushrooms, making tea, tinctures, salves are all great ways to bring the benefits mushrooms may offer into your body.

The Fungi Ally mushroom growing courses are changing and evolving as we learn more about fungi. Willie attends many forays and mushroom education events to continue learning about the amazing opportunities fungi have to offer. All of these courses are intended to grow the community that is studying and learning about fungi. Not only will your knowledge about mushrooms increase but you will be connected into a group of like-minded mycophilic people. Become a Fungi Ally and sign up for one of our great mushroom growing courses here.

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