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Mushroom Spawn Bags for Growing Mushrooms on Grain or Sawdust

We have a variety of sterile, high-quality mushroom spawn bags for growing oyster, shiitake, lion’s mane, and wine cap mushrooms

If you’re looking to buy mushroom spawn bags, you’ve come to the right place! At Fungi Ally we produce the highest-quality mushroom spawn for growing mushrooms, both commercially and recreationally. We also offer filter patch spawn bags so you can create your own substrate and expand out our mushroom spawn.
Mushroom spawn bags filter patch options

All of our mushroom spawn is created in-house with the use of a flow hood, ensuring our mushroom spawn is sterile. Do you know the type of mushroom spawn bag you want to get now, or do you need to discover more about our options and growing mediums? Keep reading to determine the mushroom spawn best for you.

Mushroom spawn bags: Grain

Our bags of grain spawn are great for indoor inoculation on straw, coffee grounds, or supplemented sawdust. The millet we use is an ideal size for fast growth on the inoculated substrate, and the grain spawn is second generation, which allows for additional expansion of the mycelium several times over. We produce all of our spawn year round in a sterile lab environment, which means you will get the freshest, purest mushroom mycelium around. Grain spawn is available for blue, pink, and yellow oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and lion’s mane mushrooms.

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Mushroom spawn bags: Sawdust

Our sawdust spawn bags are perfect for outdoor inoculations for totems, wood chips, or logs. The sawdust spawn we produce involves small particles, which allows the spawn to grow quickly on the inoculated substrate. Our sawdust spawn is available for growing shiitake mushrooms, blue or yellow oyster mushrooms, wine cap mushrooms, and lion’s mane mushrooms. The weight of each mushroom spawn bag is roughly six pounds. The more bags you buy, the cheaper it becomes.

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Our top 3 strains of mushrooms you can grow with our mushroom spawn bags

Shiitake LE 46 (available in grain and sawdust spawn): If you’re a shiitake farmer that wants big yields then the LE 46 strain is perfect for you. Not only will this mushroom produce well, it is also quite beautiful. The shiitake LE 46’s cap will be large and dark, with some white ornamentation on the sides. This strain is a great option for beginners too, because it can handle a wide range of temperatures and it reacts well to shocking.

Blue Oyster 3015 (available in grain and sawdust spawn): This strain is ideal for commercial farmers out there as the spawn runs fast, it produces large fruiting bodies, and the beautiful blue color is a delight to see. Recreational mushroom growers will also love these qualities, and the ability to cultivate on a range of cellulose-rich materials, like coffee grounds, straw or wood.

Yellow Oyster AM1 (available in grain and sawdust spawn): Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, the AM1 is a favored strain that yield delicious, buttery-yellow mushrooms.

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We are also able to fulfill custom orders of other species or large quantities of spawn. Email us directly with your request and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our mushroom growing kits are the ultimate mushroom spawn bags that let you grow mushrooms at home

Our mushroom growing kits come in a variety of strains and produce around two pounds of fresh mushrooms in total. They are great as a gift for any occasion, especially if the person receiving it is really into growing their own food or eating healthy. The kits are for both beginners and seasoned vets alike. If you area already experience growing mushrooms with kits, you may recognize the value in them as you are able to try new strains and mushroom types without investing in a large production. Have you ever used a mushroom grow kit? If not, here’s a quick rundown on the process. It’s pretty easy and the final product is quite worth it.

You begin by submerging the sawdust block grow kit in water for five hours. Remove it, and place it on baking sheet to hold remaining water. The block is then put in a well-lit area that is not directly in the sunlight. Once in this location you should begin misting the block twice daily. A spray bottle works really well for this step. After four or five day you will begin to see “pins” coming from the block. These are the mushrooms starting to grow. The mushrooms will continue to grow for the next five days or so, and then they will be ready to harvest. You will know that the first flush is ready to harvest once the gills of the mushrooms appear. Harvest and then wait a few weeks. You can start the process again at that time. Try our mushroom growing kit today! Even if you’ve grown mushrooms before, these kits are great because you can experiment with a variety of colorful and exotic strains.

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