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Mushroom Spawn Bags: Suppliers Shipping to Where You Are

Are you looking for mushroom spawn bags? Suppliers providing high-quality, contaminant-free spawn are available to you right here. Order yours today

There are a variety of ways to grow your own mushrooms at home or commercially. Some of the most popular methods involve the use of logs or mushroom spawn bags. Suppliers of these spawn bags typically produce a variety of strain options and some even utilize a multitude of substrates. 

Here at Fungi Ally, we provide high-quality mushroom spawn bags to the global community. We have trained mushroom farmers of all sizes and scales to use our spawn bags for commercial or hobbyist grows. Our bags make it easy for a commercial mushroom farm to start producing fresh gourmet mushrooms. They also help the beginner to try their own edible mushrooms from the comfort of their home or garden.  Learn more about our mushroom spawn bags below, including who should buy these bags, how to use them, and the mushroom strains we offer. 

Mushroom spawn bags: Suppliers may use a variety of names for these bags

We like to use the term “mushroom spawn bag” because it is very accurate in its description. They are sealed plastic bags that contain sterilized grain which has been inoculated with mushroom spawn, or mycelium.  However, we also use a variety of other words and language to describe these bags, particularly because our audience members may be more familiar with other terminology. For instance, the term “mushroom growing kit” is often used and is synonymous with this product. Other words that may be used include:
  • Mushroom kit
  • Mushroom bag
  • Ready-to-fruit blocks
  • Mushroom grow kit
  • Mushroom fruiting kits
Ultimately, all of these terms are describing the same thing. Regardless of the wordage you prefer, realize that they are all the same and will help you grow your own mushrooms commercially or at home.  mushroom spawn bags: suppliers have you covered.

Mushroom spawn bags: Suppliers offering a tasty assortment of mushroom strains

There are so many different types of edible, gourmet mushrooms out in this world. The general population is discovering more about these mushrooms and it is our goal to help bring these mushrooms in their communities.  One thing can be sure: Mushroom spawn suppliers are expanding their offerings on the types of edible mushroom strains they provide. This allows for more experimentation from growers and an expanded palette for the fungi aficionados.  We currently have nine available mushroom spawn bags you can buy for commercial or recreational growing. All of these spawn bags are for edible mushrooms, except the reishi mushroom one. Reishi mushroom is not typically eaten; Instead, it is used to create teas and tinctures for its healthful constituents.  Our entire lineup of spawn bags that produce edible mushrooms include:
  • Lion’s mane mushroom 
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Blue oyster mushroom
  • Yellow oyster mushroom
  • Pink oyster mushroom
  • Phoenix oyster mushroom
  • Black oyster mushroom
  • Reishi mushroom
  • Pioppino mushroom
  • King trumpet mushroom
You can learn more about each of these by visiting our mushroom growing kit page now. This page also provide multiple videos detailing the process of using our spawn bags, and some helpful guidebooks on growing an array of popular mushrooms like oysters, shiitakes, and cordyceps. Each guidebook can be downloaded from the site free of charge. 

How to use our mushroom spawn bags: Suppliers share their knowledge

Our mushroom spawn bags allow you to grow edible mushrooms directly from the bag. That is an important differentiation to be made. If you were to buy a bag of grain spawn from us, that grain spawn would be used with another substrate, like coffee grounds or supplemented straw. The two would be combined together and expanded out in order to fruit mushrooms. This is an option that some commercial growers choose because they want to have larger grows. However, many commercial mushroom farmers also use individual bags like the spawn bags we offer in order to fruit fresh mushrooms. In fact, our mushroom spawn bags have been the cornerstone of commercial mushroom farms, like our own. This is the case because the mushroom spawn bags we supply are self contained and easy to work with. The mushroom grow directly from the bag, making the process easier to control and maintain than other situations. 

Here is the simple process for using our mushroom spawn bags. Note that there may be some slight variations between strains. For instance, with the shiitake mushroom kit you will want to remove the block from the plastic bag once you receive it, whereas the other strains like oyster or lion’s mane will remain in the bag. With oyster mushrooms, you will cut some V-shaped slits in the plastic so the mushrooms will have an area to grow out of. With the lion’s mane kit, you will want to cut X-shaped slits so the rounded mushroom bodies can fruit out of them.  Watch these short videos for the most-accurate instructions on using our grow kits.  This video is for those interested in growing oyster mushrooms.  This video is for the lion’s mane lovers and growers out there. This video is for growing the unique reishi mushroom.  This video is for those who want to grow shiitake mushrooms.  This video is for general knowledge of using our growing kits.  If you want to start growing your own fresh mushrooms today, then take a look at your strain options and buy today!

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