Online Mushroom Cultivation Course: Professional & Home Grow Options

Online Mushroom Cultivation Course: Professional & Home Grow Options

Looking for an online mushroom cultivation course? You’ve come to the right place! We have options for both home growers and people going pro.

Using an online mushroom cultivation course has a lot of value to people. Not only can you learn from experienced professionals, but you can also avoid a lot of the guesswork or scenarios that can lead to failure. 

The covid19 pandemic has spurred a lot of online learning. These online courses were in the works before the pandemic, but they are taking on a new life now. Below we discuss both of our online cultivation course options for home growers and for those taking the step into commercial cultivation. 

Our online mushroom cultivation course for commercial mushroom farmers 

We have seen many vegetable, fruit, and herb farmers add mushrooms to their farms. This happens because people have extra space on their farms and want to get the most from the land. Or it’s the case of noticing that mushrooms are gaining in popularity and that there are a variety of species that go beyond the button mushroom to provide superior taste. Whatever your reason is, we can help you get your professional mushroom farm operation up and running. The best part is that you will be avoiding a lot of headaches in the process because so much of the trial and error has already been conducted. Instead of hitting roadblocks or wasting time with methods that won’t work, you will be receiving high-quality information from a professional mushroom farmer who has gone through the process. 

Don’t just take our word for it. You can check out reviews of the course on this page. This course is available to anyone, anywhere, which is why we’ve had attendees take our classes from all over the world. Here is a look at one of the reviews of this commercial course:

“Best Commercial Cultivation course available!
The Commercial Cultivation course was by far one of the best learning experiences I've had the pleasure of participating in!
Willie's vast knowledge and interactive teaching style allowed for extremely dense weekly learning, while also being accessible to all levels of experience. Throughout the six weeks of lectures, I was able to fully develop my business plan and understand all of the moving pieces within a commercial mushroom operation; Willie was there to answer all of my questions along the way and provide insight on both environmentally friendly practices and financial feasibility.”

Who this course is for and what it entails 

This course is beneficial for anyone growing mushrooms at home for fun and wanting to take it to the next level by becoming a small-scale mushroom farmer. 

The course includes all of the following:

  • (6) 90 minute recorded lectures–Lifetime access
  • Additional videos and resources to watch
  • Readings from a variety of books to deepen your understanding
  • (1) 30-minute private consultation with Willie Crosby
  • A 25% off discount code for the Fungi Ally website

The information covered in this course includes:

  • Understanding the mushroom life cycle
  • The evolutions in the specialty mushroom industry
  • The stages of mushroom cultivation, from start to finish
  • Growing oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and wine caps
  • How to make and prepare substrate
  • Useful equipment to know about 
  • How and where to sell your mushrooms
  • Selling spawn and grow kits
  • Grant opportunities and how to write them
  • Developing a business plan for your farm

Learn more about the online mushroom cultivation course for commercial growers and register today.

Further information about the instructor of both online mushroom cultivation courses

Willie Crosby is the instructor for both online cultivation courses.  Willie has been cultivating mushrooms for the last nine years. He co-founded Fungi Ally which grew mushrooms indoors for six years, selling as much as 500 pounds per week. Now Fungi Ally focuses on education and spawn production, supporting both commercial and home growers to grow more mushrooms. 

Willie has taught over 15 classes online for Cornell University, Umass Amherst, and Fungi Ally over the last four years. He has received 5 SARE grants and six other grants over the last five years for growing mushrooms and educating the public about mushroom cultivation.

Our online mushroom cultivation course for home growers

Growing mushrooms at home is the perfect way to start, and it will help you realize if you want to keep mushroom growing as a hobby or if you want to expand it into a professional endeavor. 

This course will help you grow some of the most popular edible mushrooms at home, including shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, chestnut, and wine cap. This course will also introduce you to eight different methods of cultivation that can easily be done at home with no special equipment or technical skills. This course is for anyone interested in growing mushrooms for their household and community. If you want to be producing up to 20 pounds of fresh mushrooms weekly, or a few pounds every couple of weeks, then you should attend. The course includes:

  • (3) Recorded 90 minute lectures–Lifetime access
  • Readings from a variety of books for greater information
  • Access to a Facebook group with other Fungi Ally Alumni
  • Videos and resources to watch

Learn more about the online mushroom cultivation course for home growers and register today.

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