Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Tips for Bigger, Tastier Yields

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Tips for Bigger, Tastier Yields

Oyster mushroom cultivation is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons, including the fact that growing oysters is a great place to start for beginners

Oyster mushroom cultivation is on the rise in the U.S. and in locations around the world. It is not too surprising, especially since oyster mushrooms are delicious gourmet options that come in a variety of colors. Not only do these mushrooms taste great, but they are quite beautiful too, with hues of blue, pink, and yellow. Today we are looking at some information on oyster mushrooms, including a few recommended strains, in addition to cultivation methods that include growing oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds, on straw, with toilet paper rolls, or with a ready-to-fruit kit.

Oyster mushroom cultivation: Background information to know

Oyster mushrooms are fast, aggressive growers and they require very little in terms of a fruiting strategy. They display distinct morphological characteristics when a fruiting condition is not to their liking. This makes oysters suitable for beginners and mushroom farmers with low-tech equipment. Oyster mushroom spawn is readily available as grain or sawdust throughout the U.S. This is a valuable resource because mushroom farmers do not have to dedicate the time and resources needed for developing a sterile lab.

Oyster mushroom cultivation: 3 top strains to use

Below is our list of recommended oyster mushroom strains throughout the years. Here is a look at three top strains for blue oyster mushrooms, yellow oyster mushrooms, and pink oyster mushrooms.
  • Blue Oyster Amycel 3015: This is a high-yielding oyster mushroom strain with fast mycelial growth. This blue oyster strain will fruit in a wide range of temperatures between 50°F - 75°F. The fruiting clusters are large with large caps that range in color from blue to white, depending on the temperature grown in and the stage of harvest.
  • Yellow Oyster AM1: If you want a vibrant yellow oyster mushroom, then this strain is for you, especially if you are growing in temperatures between 60°F - 80°F. The caps are typically small and numerous, and the stems are large and edible. This strain is responsible for medium to high yields.
  • Pink Oyster VDE-1: This strain produced pink to red fruiting bodies, and fruits in temperatures from 60°F - 85°F. This mushroom cannot survive temperatures below 40°F, so take that into account before trying this extremely-fast colonizing strain. This pink oyster has the ability to grow on a wide range of substrates and produces a medium yield. Note that storage and shelf life is limited for this mushroom.

If you are looking to grow commercially and are interested in learning about numerous other strains that I have worked with for good, sustainable results, then send me an email to discuss consultation.

Oyster mushroom cultivation on coffee grounds & straw

Here are four easy steps for cultivating oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds at home. These are the ingredients you will need for this method of oyster mushroom cultivation:
  • Plastic container (with a lid and holes poked into the bottom of the container)
  • Oyster mushroom spawn
  • Used coffee grounds

Step 1: Begin by brewing the coffee. Run the boiling water through the coffee grounds and filter. Place the used coffee grounds into the plastic container. Step 2: Add spawn on top of the coffee grounds. Step 3: Repeat this process throughout the day by layering oyster mushroom spawn down and then the spent coffee grounds. Keep the mushroom spawn in the fridge between use. Step 4: Continue until the container is full. Allow the full container to sit for two to three weeks. Then poke four or five holes into the side of the plastic container and begin to mist the substrate with water once daily. Your oyster mushrooms should begin fruiting within one week from the onset of misting. Check out this article for information on growing oyster mushrooms at home on straw. We have written about it before and want to provide you with all of the necessary information, which this other article has.


Oyster mushroom cultivation on toilet paper rolls at home is quite easy

If you’re interested in growing oyster mushrooms at home you can try using one of the most common consumer goods around: toilet paper. I created a video that you can watch to see all the details. Toilet paper is the substrate, and I inoculate it with sawdust spawn, although you can also use grain spawn or mushroom stem butts to do it. My other supplies include a pair of tongs, a plastic bag, and boiling water. Check out the whole video now for more information and a demonstration of the process.

Oyster mushroom cultivation for beginners in small-scale situations

The best foray into small-scale mushroom growing is with a mushroom grow kit. Using a mushroom grow kit allows the user to get an idea of the mushroom growing process without too significant of an investment into it. You do not need much space or any other unusual pieces of equipment. You can fruit a mushroom grow kit from the comfort of your own home. We have blue oyster, pink oyster, and yellow oyster kits available, in addition to a myriad of other specialty mushroom strains. Check them all out today!
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