Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit Options That Delight the Eyes & Taste Buds

Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit Options That Delight the Eyes & Taste Buds

Our mega oyster mushroom grow kit options are among the top on the market for a few reasons that are described in this article 

Oyster mushrooms are diverse, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, some of which are incredibly eye catching. The golden oyster and the pink oyster really attract attention at farmers’ markets and gourmet restaurants. The common name “oyster” covers a wide range of species which allows it to have such diversity. Several oyster mushrooms grow wild in the northeast. Although it is possible to forage for wild oyster mushrooms, it is not always easy to find the mushrooms before bugs do. This oyster mushroom is sweeter and has a more subtle taste than shiitake. The caps are the most desirable part and the stems should be finely chopped. The area of the oysters where the stems come together at the base should be discarded. The mega oyster mushroom kits, which are shown below, provide a great introduction to the oyster mushroom. These kits are the biggest on the market and are the best deal for the price. You will be able to fruit 3-5 pounds of mushrooms from your kit, so you will be getting more mushrooms for your money. Most other kits only cost a slight amount less but produce significantly fewer mushrooms. Beyond the deal, our kits are certified organic!

Cooking with oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are delicious by themselves but they can also enhance an array of dishes as well. For the morning people, you can make an omelette or fried eggs with oysters. Stir fries with sauteed oyster mushrooms can be eaten for lunch or dinner and combined with an array or vegetables. Adding oysters to rice dishes is also popular. Take a look at some recipes here for cooking with the blue oyster mushroom. For the record, any of the oyster mushrooms can be used in these recipes, it does not have to only be the blue oyster. We also have a great recipe for fried mushrooms. This recipe mentions using crimini mushrooms, but oysters can be used too.

Why people love to eat this mushroom

For starters, some studies have shown that oyster mushrooms lower cholesterol in rats significantly and may do the same in humans. Oyster mushrooms also contain a plethora of valuable constituents, like proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are rich in vitamin B and vitamin D. Iron and potassium are also present in these mushrooms. A test-tube study showed that oyster mushrooms helped reduce the secretion of inflammation markers throughout the body. Two additional studies looked at oyster mushrooms and cancer. One study conducted by the Methodist Research Institute’s Cancer Research Lab found oyster mushrooms inhibiting the growth and spreading of breast and colon cancer cells.

Blue oyster mushroom growing kit

Golden oyster mushroom growing kit

Pink oyster mushroom growing kit

Phoenix oyster mushroom growing kit (Pleurotus pulmonarius)

If you are in a warmer climate, then the phoenix oyster mushroom may be a great option for you. The ideal fruiting temperature for this mushroom is 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal relative humidity for fruiting is 90-100%. The phoenix oyster mushroom grows with a cap that is greyish white to beige or lilac grey. This mushroom is very similar to Pleurotus ostreatus, which is also known as the pearl oyster or tree oyster, when it comes to how it tastes or looks, although the cap is typically smaller with the phoenix mushroom. The phoenix oyster mushroom is also known as the Italian oyster, summer oyster, or lung oyster.

King oyster mushroom: 

Also known as the king trumpet, this mushroom looks different from the other oysters. The king oyster is meatier and has significantly thicker stems and small caps. The entire mushroom is edible and the stems are quite delicious. This oyster mushroom is a great option for consumers that want a firmer texture than the other oyster mushrooms provide. Cutting this mushroom into medallions and cooking it with some olive oil is my favorite way of preparing them. The king oyster is not only tasty, but it can be beneficial to pets as well. You can read more about that here.

White oyster mushroom:

Black oyster mushroom:

Be sure to try all of the mega mushroom growing kits and let us know which one is your favorite!
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