Learn How an Oyster Mushroom Starter Kit Produces Delicious Flushes

Learn How an Oyster Mushroom Starter Kit Produces Delicious Flushes

Use an oyster mushroom starter kit as an introduction to growing mushrooms and you will be able to harvest gourmet-quality mushrooms at home 

An oyster mushroom starter kit is a great way to learn about growing mushrooms. You get to experience the entire process from start to finish without having to embark on the delicate procedure of inoculation.  Our oyster mushroom kits come ready to fruit. All you need to do is place them in an appropriate area and supply them with enough oxygen and humidity. We share the entire process for growing oysters below.  We offer an array of oyster mushroom kit options, which produce colorful, edible oyster mushrooms. With our kits you can grow blue oyster mushroom, pink oyster mushroom, yellow oyster mushroom, and even the king trumpet mushroom, also known as the king oyster. Learn about each of these mushrooms further on in this article, in addition to how to use these mushroom kits. 

Discover the types of oysters you can grow with our oyster mushroom starter kit options

Oyster mushrooms do not require much to be cooked, making them a popular mushroom of many. These mushrooms have a mild sweetness to them. They are versatile from a culinary standpoint and go well in egg dishes, stir fries, quiches, cream sauces, frittatas, and even pizza. There are some nuanced differences between oyster mushrooms.  One kit option we provide is for growing pink oyster mushrooms. Also known as flamingo oysters or salmon oysters, these oysters are beautiful to behold with your own eyes. Growing these pink oysters is easier to do in warmer temperatures as they are sensitive to cold conditions. However, growing them in the summer months is easier than with many other oysters. These mushrooms also have a woodier, more pungent flavor than the other oysters we provide.  In opposition to the pink oyster, the blue oyster mushroom performs better in cooler weather. This helps commercial mushroom producers grow longer during the fall season. The blue oyster is a subspecies of the pearl oyster and displays similar qualities in regards to taste. The texture is velvety and the flavor is mild yet complex. These mushrooms pair well with chicken dishes, adding a savory sweetness.  The yellow oyster mushroom aroma’s can be fruitier than the woodsy characteristics of the other oysters. These mushrooms have a velvety texture that can become crispy or chewy once cooked. The flavor once cooked is balanced with a slight nuttiness. Some people also notice a slight citrus flavor from these mushrooms as well.  The king trumpet mushroom is a bit different than the other mushrooms mentioned here. The king trumpet is an oyster mushroom, yet it looks and tastes differently than the oysters already mentioned. The king oyster has a bigger stem than the rest. When I cook this mushroom I like to slice it into medallion-shaped pieces. These do a great job at picking up the other flavors in a dish. The texture is fixer than the other oysters as well, and it goes well as a meat substitute because of its texture.

How to use our oyster mushroom starter kit

First off, our oyster mushroom starter kits can yield up to two pounds. It will do so throughout multiple flushes. Once the block is done fruiting, you can put it outside in your garden or compost area and it will continue to produce some mushrooms sparingly. Once you begin misting the block it will begin the process of fruiting mushrooms. It takes between 10 and 14 days before your first harvest. The block will continue to fruiting for about three months before it is spent and ready to be composted. It will crumble and begin falling apart; that is when you know it is ready for composting.  Once your kit arrives in the mail and you are ready to start using it, place it in an area that gets some sunlight. If you are using your kit indoors, then on a counter in your kitchen is sufficient. It does not need a lot of light, and it is best to not supply too much intense light. If you are using the kit outside in your garden, then try to keep it in a somewhat shaded area. Take your oyster mushroom starter kit and cut some V-shaped slits in the plastic on each side. This provides the oysters mushrooms an area to fruit from. You should mist the block in these areas with a spray bottle to keep the block from drying out while also maintaining the appropriate level of humidity. Spray the kit two or three times each day. After some days you will start to see little pins appearing on the block. These are the young mushrooms starting to grow. Our oyster mushroom kits are best used when the temperatures are between 40 degrees and 80 degrees F. However, the pink oyster requires at least 50 degrees F or the mushrooms will succumb to the cold.  We hope you enjoy the delicious mushrooms you will be able to grow with our kits. We have a variety of other strains in addition to the oyster mushrooms, which you can see here
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