Uncover Species of Oyster Spawn for Growing Mushrooms at Home

We are sharing information on the oyster spawn we have available, including some of the strains we like the best

The strain used and oyster spawn source is crucial to the success of any grower. Mushroom strains are different individuals of a certain species. Similar to how all people are Homo sapiens but each of us has a unique set of genetic information, which results in a unique expression of traits. In a mushroom the expression of different traits can mean a variety of things. Morphology, yield, preference and ability to grow on certain substrates, storability, speed of colonization, environmental parameters for fruiting and ability to withstand competing organisms all can be determined by strain. Strains can be discovered or developed through two approaches. The first is through finding and isolating a fruiting body in the wild. These strains need to be trialed and observed to learn their particular expression of different traits. Some of these traits can be observed when the wild mushroom is found. Recording data like the substrate found on, fruiting temperature, region, fruit body shape and color, size of fruiting is very valuable. Strains can also be developed and selected for certain traits through sexual reproduction in a laboratory. Certain desired traits like high yield and wide fruiting temperature can be encouraged through breeding. Strains with a history of use and distinct recorded traits are highly valuable to every grower. Here is a look at oyster spawn strains I like: 1) Blue Oyster Amycel 3015: This strain produces clusters of mushrooms with large caps whose color ranges from blue to white. The mycelial growth is fast and fruiting can happen within a wide range of temperatures between 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 2) Blue Oyster Lambert 123: Another strain that is high yielding with fast mycelial growth. The mushrooms grow clusters, which are small and dense. This makes packaging easier. 3) Blue Oyster Pearl: This beautiful blue oyster is best grown at lower temperatures, between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit. The caps tend to be large and thick when grown at low temperatures. 4) Yellow Oyster AM1: This vibrant yellow oyster mushroom likes to fruit at higher temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The caps are typically small and numerous, with a large edible stem mass. The yields run medium to high. 5) White Oyster Elm A: This white oyster colonizes aggressively, helping keep contaminants out. The fruiting temperature ranges from 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The caps are large and the mushroom can fruit singularly or as clusters. 6) Pink Oyster VDE-1: This strain produces pink to red fruiting bodies between the temperatures of 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This mushroom cannot survive temperatures below 40 degrees F. This strain is extremely fast colonization and it has the ability to grow on a wide range of substrates. Oyster mushrooms are an aggressive species of gourmet, edible mushrooms that you can grow from the comfort of your own home on a variety of substrates. These mushrooms have a mild flavor that go well in a variety of dishes. If oyster mushrooms are not your interest, we have a variety of other species available in grain, sawdust, and plug spawn. We also have ready-to-fruit kits for many of the same species as well. Take a look at your options now.

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