This Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit Pleases The Eyes and Your Taste Buds

This Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit Pleases The Eyes and Your Taste Buds

The pink oyster mushroom kit is a favorite among those who appreciate the aesthetic of beautiful, organic home-grown food 

The pink oyster mushroom is the gem among mushrooms, at least from a visual standpoint. With one of these pink oyster mushroom kits you can be fruiting your own beautiful and delicious oysters at home. Learn about our pink oyster mushroom kit below, including how to use it and reasons to buy.

How to use the pink oyster mushroom kit

Once your pink oyster mushroom kit arrives in the mail and you are ready to start using it, place it in an area that gets some sunlight. If you are using your kit indoors, then on a counter in your kitchen is sufficient. The area should be bright enough that one could comfortably read a book. It does not need a lot of light, and it is best to not supply too much intense light. If you are using the kit outside in your garden, try to ensure that the kit is not in direct sunlight. Partial shade should be fine. Almost make sure that the desired temperature and humidity conditions will be appropriate. Take your pink oyster mushroom kit and cut some X-shaped slits in the plastic on each side. This provides the oysters mushrooms an area to fruit from and it also provides them oxygen which they need to fruit. You should mist the block in these areas with a spray bottle to keep the block from drying out while also maintaining the appropriate level of humidity. Spray the kit two or three times each day. After four to seven days you will start to see little pins appearing on the block. These are the young mushrooms starting to grow. The pink oyster requires at least 50 degrees F or the mushrooms will succumb to the cold. You will want to have a relative humidity of 85% and ensure that there is free air exchange to the kit as well. It takes between 10 and 14 days before your first harvest. The block will continue to fruit for about three months before it is spent and ready to be composted. It will crumble and begin falling apart; that is when you know it is ready for composting. Once the block is done fruiting, you can put it outside in your garden or compost area and it will continue to produce some additional mushrooms sparingly. These oyster mushroom kits can yield pounds of fresh mushrooms and they do so throughout multiple flushes. We hope you enjoy the delicious mushrooms you will be able to grow with these kits. We have a variety of other strains in addition to the pink oyster mushroom kit, which you can see here.

Benefits of using a pink oyster mushroom kit

There are a variety of reasons to use one of our pink oyster mushroom kits to grow your own at home or on a small commercial farm. Here are our top reasons: Reason #1: These kits are quick to grow mushrooms! These grow kits have such tiny particles that the mushroom mycelium can easily travel through them. This allows for the mycelium to grow quicker and more easily. The quicker the mycelium growth, the quicker your edible mushrooms will be ready to harvest. These kits are shipped fully colonized and ready to fruit. If the kits arrive a little broken apart due to shipping, the substrate can recolonize easily within a few days. That is the benefit of buying a pink oyster mushroom kit that is already well colonized. Reason #2: These kits are easy to maintain (and much easier to maintain than mushroom log kits.) The size of these mushroom growing kits and this substrate style is easier to maintain the level of moisture it needs to grow and fruit accordingly. A mushroom log kit can dry out easily if not kept properly. Most mushroom log kits will be harder to care for because the log needs more maintenance than a grain or sawdust based kit. Reason #3: This pink oyster mushroom kit is a great introduction. Ready-to-fruit mushroom growing kits are the perfect introduction to mushroom cultivation because the hard work is already done for you. Kits are also a great introduction to individual mushroom species as well. So kits can have a value to both beginners and seasoned mushroom farmers alike. For instance, if you are a commercial mushroom farmer with a small-scale farm looking to expand, using a kit is a great way to ‘try out’ a certain mushroom species before opting for a larger grow.

For those looking for a pink oyster strain to grow: Pink Oyster VDE-1

This strain produces pink to red fruiting bodies, and fruits in temperatures from 60°F – 85°F. The ideal relative humidity is around 85%. This mushroom cannot survive temperatures below 40°F, so take that into account before trying this extremely-fast colonizing strain. This pink oyster has the ability to grow on a wide range of substrates and produces a medium yield. Note that storage and shelf life is limited for this mushroom. Check out pink oyster grain spawn as well.
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