Shiitake plug spawn for inoculating logs and growing mushrooms

Add some Fungal Fun in your back yard or garden with shiitake logs, made with our shiitake plug spawn!

Shiitake mushrooms are the rising stars of culinary mushrooms. For the last 20 years, the global production of shiitakes has soared, especially in China and the United States. Now there are an increasing number of small-scale shiitake growers throughout the United States, making this delicious, high-quality mushroom more accessible. Are you wondering how to grow shiitake mushrooms in your backyard? BC 3 logs shiitake fruiting Shiitake mushrooms have been grown on logs since 1100. Grown extensively in Japan for almost 1000 years now, the name shii (an evergreen oak tree) take (meaning mushroom) is the Japanese name for this mushroom. Log cultivation is best done on hardwood logs like oak, sugar maple, and beech. Other logs will work but will not produce as high of yields. It is best to select logs that are between 3-8 inches for this method of cultivation. One-inch deep holes are drilled every 6 inches and shiitake plug spawn is tapped into the holes with a hammer. The log is rotated 2 inches and holes are again drilled every 6 inches. It is best to off set the holes so in the end the drilling makes a diamond pattern. Every hole is filled with shiitake plug spawn and then waxed over. The wax ensures the mycelium will not dry out, and that no other fungi will get into the log. This is the most common answer to the question of how to grow shiitake mushrooms at home. Enjoy the fruits of Shiitake mushroom growing on freshly cut hardwood logs or stumps with our shiitake plug spawn. Our plug spawn is comprised of 1” pieces of birch dowels covered with our fresh, sterile mycelium. We make all of our spawn in a completely sterile lab under a Laminar Flow Hood making sure that the product we produce is free of contaminates and are 100% clean, pure, and of the highest quality. The dowels have spiral grooves cut into them where the mycelium likes to live and get groovy. Enjoy the simplicity of drilling holes, and easily slipping the plugs into the holes and covering it with bee’s or cheese wax after you are finished. No need to buy any extra equipment to put the shiitake plug spawn into its new home. If you plan on inoculating 20 logs or less, then plug spawn will be your best option Grow your own shiitake mushrooms at home with Fungi Ally Spawn! Enjoy the simplicity of mushroom farming and the tasty fruits of your easy labor when you buy shiitake plug spawn! Do you have loved ones who are mycophiles, too? Pass this page on to them, so they can take advantage of this great deal. And as always, if you have any questions about our shiitake mushroom plug spawn, please contact us or leave a message on this page.

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