The Best Mushroom Grow Kit Comes From the Pros at Fungi Ally

The Best Mushroom Grow Kit Comes From the Pros at Fungi Ally

What makes Fungi Ally’s mushroom growing kits the best mushroom grow kit around? There are three main reasons that we share below

What makes the best stand out among the rest? When you’re thinking about the best mushroom grow kit, what is it that you expect?

We run down what we consider to be important elements of a mushroom grow kit in this article and video.

Size is an important aspect to the best mushroom grow kit

If you’re going to take the time to grow mushrooms at home, then you will want to actually grow mushrooms. You’ll want big, beautiful mushroom and lots of them, right? Our grow kits are the same as we use in our commercial production. We are growing about 300-500 pounds of mushrooms each week, and we are using the same exact grow kits for our mushrooms as the ones you get when you buy a mushroom growing kit from us.

In the video I displayed a yellow oyster mushroom grow kit. The yellow oysters growing from it were huge!

Then the camera captures the blue oysters, which are also big, lovely mushrooms. The blue oyster in the video was over a pound in its first flush. Are you interested in blue oyster mushrooms? Here is a quick information on why some people love to eat blue oyster mushrooms.

Blue oyster mushroom benefits: Why people love to eat this mushroom

For starters, some studies have shown that oyster mushrooms lower cholesterol in rats significantly and may do the same in humans. Oyster mushrooms also contain a plethora of valuable constituents, like proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are rich in vitamin B and vitamin D. Iron and potassium are also present in these mushrooms. Another test-tube study showed that oyster mushrooms helped reduce the secretion of inflammation markers throughout the body. Two additional studies looked at oyster mushrooms and cancer. One study conducted by the Methodist Research Institute’s Cancer Research Lab found oyster mushrooms inhibiting the growth and spreading of breast and colon cancer cells. A study entitled Anti-Cancer Effects of Protein Extracts from Calvatia lilacina, Pleurotus ostreatus and Volvariella Volvacea concluded that blue oysters can “be considered as a source of potential cancer therapeutic agents.” Read more about the blue oyster mushroom benefits, including some recipes for cooking it.  We also have this great article on growing oyster mushrooms, including tips and strain recommendations.

The pink oyster mushroom is also looking delicious. We don’t sell as many pink oyster mushrooms because they do not store as well as other mushrooms we provide. This means the best way to get pink oyster mushrooms is to grow them at your home with one of these grow kits.

Strain and substrate are the other two important aspects to the best mushroom grow kit

We’ve been working over the last few years, particularly with oyster mushrooms, to find the best strains and substrates to produce large yields of mushrooms. Our grow kits are a result of this research and development.

We have spent years working with the best substrate formulas for maximum yield and trying different strains to figure out which mushrooms fruit the best. All of this research has allowed us to find some “sweet spots” for our growing kits, ultimately resulting in higher yields than other grow kits we’ve seen on the market.

Our mushroom grow kits are a great addition to growing plants and can be incorporated into a garden easily, both indoors or out.

The grow kit options we offer include:

  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Blue oyster mushroom
  • Pink oyster mushroom
  • Yellow oyster mushroom
  • Lion’s mane mushroom
  • Chestnut mushroom

The best mushroom grow kit produces pounds of food

Our growing kits typically produce between 1.5 and 2 pounds of fresh mushrooms through multiple flushes. Most growers who use our kits will fruit them indoors, both commercially or recreationally. Once the kit flushes multiple times, it will begin to break down. You could then take the kit as it breaks down and add it to your compost or garden. It will likely continue to fruit additional mushrooms here and there, but the yields will decrease from the initial flushes. Curious if a mushroom grow kit is for you? Well, our grow kits are ideal for kids, mushroom lovers, and foodies alike. They are also the perfect gift idea for any interested in mycology, gardening or farming.

If you like to observe your food as it grows, then a mushroom grow kit is for you!

If you care about the ecological role of fungi and love them for all the benefits they have, then a grow kit is for you!

If you love to eat fresh, local, high-quality food that is nutritious and tasty, then a mushroom grow kit is for you, too! Buy yours today!

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