Buy Mushroom Capsules From Us: Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free & Vegan

Buy Mushroom Capsules From Us: Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free & Vegan

When you buy mushroom capsules from us, you are getting 100% mushrooms with no added grains or fillers. Plus, they are certified organic! Get yours today

Are you looking to buy mushroom capsules but not sure where to start? Here at Fungi Ally we provide high-quality mushroom capsules that are organic and non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. Best of all, our mushroom capsules are made with 100% mushrooms, unlike some other mushroom supplements on the market (more on that below). 

Learn more about our organic mushroom capsules below so you can feel confident when you buy mushroom capsules from us!

Buy mushroom capsules that are made with real mushrooms and not just mycelium 

Think about all the times you’ve eaten mushrooms in your life. When you have, you’ve consumed the fruited mushroom body. This mushroom is the fruit of mycelium. In fact, the mycelium is the vegetative body for fungi that produce mushrooms. So mushrooms need mycelium in order to develop. However, throughout antiquity, it is the fruited mushroom body that has been consumed as food and for its healthful properties, and not the mushroom mycelium. 

Remember, many cultures around the world have eaten the fruited mushroom body for thousands of years. Due to that fact, we believe mushroom capsules and powder extracts should be made of mushroom fruiting bodies and not mycelium grown on grain. 

This belief stems from the debate on the efficacy of these two different anatomical parts of a fungus. As we see it, the biggest downside to using myceliated grain is that the fungus cannot be separated from the rice, so both end up in the final product. Paul Stamets states, "Growing on rice might have 30-40% conversion of rice to mycelium" meaning that up to 70% of the product could still be rice and not fungal tissue.

From an economical standpoint, it is much more cost effective for companies to grow mycelium on grain without producing the fruited mushroom bodies. It takes less time and resources than it would to fruit the mushrooms and then use those fruited mushroom bodies to develop mushroom powder extracts. 

The reality is that many mushroom supplement companies are selling extracts that are mycelium grown on grain, so it is important to read the label thoroughly to ensure you are getting the product you really want. 

We certainly believe that in order to buy a real mushroom extract, it must contain the fruiting bodies. That way you can rest assured that you are receiving 100% mushrooms, without any added grains. 

All of the mushroom supplement powder and capsules we sell use 100% mushrooms so you won’t be getting any fillers or myceliated grain. 

If you want to buy mushroom capsules, we recommend starting with ours so you can feel good about getting all mushroom fruiting bodies without any grains or other fillers. 

Buy mushroom capsules that are organic for the best results 

Many people debate whether or not it’s worth eating organic over conventional foods, and this goes for supplements as well. Perhaps some foods aren’t as negatively impacted by inorganic fertilizers or pesticides, however, it’s likely a different case with mushrooms because of the way they grow and their primary role as a decomposer. 

We firmly believe that the best mushroom extract capsules, powders, and supplements are organically grown. Our reasoning comes from the book MycoMedicinals by the world-renowned mycologist Paul Stamets. According to the book, “Pollutants from air and water can be taken up from the soil and passed directly into the mycelial network. It is essential that not only mushrooms are grown according to certified organic practices, but are grown in environments free of air and water pollution.”

This is a major reason we wanted to provide organic mushroom powders and capsules, because we understand the importance of high-quality supplements, and recognize the potential harm that can come from mushrooms that are full of pollutants. 

Buy mushroom capsules from us: The species we have available 

Each of our mushroom capsule products comes with 120 capsules in a bottle. These 120 capsules equate to 60 full doses. We currently carry the following mushroom species as mushroom capsules and powders:

  • Clarity Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Capsules - If you want to support your mind and brain health, then our lion’s mane mushroom capsules are for you. Our lion’s mane mushroom powder has been lab tested to contain over 32% Beta-Glucans.

  • Amplify Cordyceps Mushrooms Capsules - If you want to support your energy levels and your immune system, then get set to amplify with our cordyceps capsules. These cordyceps capsules have been lab tested and contain over 27% Beta-Glucans and .2% Cordycepin. 

  • Balance Reishi Mushrooms Capsules - Are you looking to bring balance and support to your immune system? Then we think you should try our reishi mushroom capsules. Our reishi mushroom capsules have been lab-tested to contain over 51% Beta-Glucans! 

  • Vital Health Blend with 7 Mushrooms Capsules - Power your life with our Vital Health 7-Mushroom species capsules, which is an equal blend of Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Shiitake, and Reishi. Our mushroom blend capsules are lab tested to contain over 29% Beta-Glucans.

What are you waiting for?? Buy mushroom capsules from us now!

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