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Discover Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits for Your Health

There are a range of cordyceps mushroom benefits to understand, and this information may lead you to look at cordyceps in a very different light

The interest behind cordyceps may have grown more significantly than other medicinal mushrooms as of late. 

The cordyceps craze in modern America has begun and it’s not without reason. Cordyceps is a helpful mushroom that has been used in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine for thousands of years. Now we can reap the rewards of cordyceps as food, supplements, or tinctures, and this includes two particular species: Cordyceps militaris and cordyceps sinensis. Below I discuss some of the exciting cordyceps mushroom benefits.

Cordyceps mushroom benefits: Understanding the difference between Cordyceps militaris and Cordyceps sinensis 

Cordyceps is ultimately a genus with over 400 species of mushrooms in it. However, the two primary ones that are typically being referred to when people say “cordyceps” is Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris. There is some debate as to whether these two mushrooms have similar amounts of compounds produced in them and if wild compared to cultivated mushrooms vary widely in compounds. 

Fortunately, there are some studies that look at both C. sinensis and C. militaris in relation to one another. One such study, discussed in the book Medicinal Mushrooms: A Clinical Guide by Martin Powell, shares some interesting info like the following:

“A 1996 study on long distance runners reported a significant improvement in 71% of participants and both C. sinensis and a closely related species, C. militaris, have been shown to increase endurance in animal models. Studies on sedentary humans also show a significant increase in energy output and oxygen capacity.”

I’m encouraged to see that the author refers to C. sinensis and C. miliaris as “closely related”. I’d imagine that a number of tests could show that these two have a lot of properties in common, and in fact, there is a study that takes it even further. 

The study, Cordyceps militaris improves tolerance to high intensity exercise after acute and chronic supplementation, makes the statement, “Found to have similar components as sinensis, synthetically cultivated cordyceps militaris may yield larger quantities of the active constituents (Kim & Yun, 2005) making it an effective counterpart to sinensis.”

Cordyceps mushroom benefits shared by Paul Stamets

The book MycoMedicinals by Paul Stamets discussed a variety of information on cordyceps. Here is one noteworthy quotation from the book:

“Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom preferred by both men and women of all age groups. Its widespread activities as a health tonic—a cardiovascular agent, an immunopotentiator, and a liver fortifier—places Cordyceps in the forefront. I also believe Cordyceps may be useful for the treatment of depression. With increased blood flow to the brain, cognitive and emotional health should improve.”

Having the ability to impact the cardiovascular system and the liver while providing immune support is significant. Improved blood flow can lead to many changes within the body that can help someone live a more healthful life. 

Information from the The Fungal Pharmacy on cordyceps mushroom benefits

The Fungal Pharmacy: The Complete Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms & Lichens of North America is a recommended book for anyone interested in studies of mushroom medicinal properties. Below are a few excerpts from the book that address cordyceps militaris specifically. The reason I am covering cordyceps militaris information today is because we have extracts of cordyceps militaris available through our online store if you want to add this potent mushroom to your regime. 

This is promising information and hopefully more studies will be conducted in the future with cordyceps. Perhaps the testing of cordyceps and human cells will be next, so we can have a better understanding of this amazing human and its implications on human health. 

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