Find the Best Cordyceps to Buy in Our Online Store

Find the Best Cordyceps to Buy in Our Online Store

Looking for the best cordyceps to buy? We have organic cordyceps militaris available in powder and capsule extracts. No grains or fillers, just cordyceps!

What is the best cordyceps to buy? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. Cordyceps is not the easiest mushroom to grow, and it’s not one found in growing kits. 

Still, this should not stop anyone from getting cordyceps mushrooms into their diet. The easiest way to do that is by using cordyceps extracts, which you can get from us. We have organic Cordyceps militaris in powder and capsule extracts. 

We think our product is the best cordyceps to buy and we hope you agree! Learn more about cordyceps on this page, including background information, how to use our supplements, and some potential cordyceps benefits. 

History of Cordyceps militaris

Cordyceps is gaining a lot of popularity in the United States for both cultivation and consumption. Cordyceps can be found more frequently today as a supplement in natural or health food stores. However, the history of cordyceps goes back over 200 years. 

Cordyceps militaris has been named and renamed since 1753 until it found its current nomenclature in 1818 in Paris. Cordyceps grows throughout Europe and the United States, but is most commonly found east of the Rocky Mountains in the US. 

Cordyceps is a parasitic mushroom that consumes insect larvae and pupae primarily of moths and butterflies. Cultivation of this mushroom has been conducted in Asia much longer than in the United States. It seems cultivation started in the late 90s and really exploded in Asia during the early 2000s. 

Since early 2016, many farms and growers in the U.S. have developed an interest in cultivating cordyceps. These farms sell cordyceps for very high prices to a niche market or further process the mushrooms into a value-added product. Not all of these farms utilize the fruiting body of cordyceps mushrooms and instead use the mycelium grown on grain. That is NOT what we use, and we go into this topic in more depth later on in this article. 

Cordyceps militaris and Cordyceps sinensis are similar 

There are some studies looking at both C. sinensis and C. militaris in relation to one another. One such study, discussed in the book Medicinal Mushrooms: A Clinical Guide by Martin Powell, shares some interesting info like the following:

“A 1996 study on long distance runners reported a significant improvement in 71% of participants and both C. sinensis and a closely related species, C. militaris, have been shown to increase endurance in animal models. Studies on sedentary humans also show a significant increase in energy output and oxygen capacity.”

It’s encouraging to see that the author refers to C. sinensis and C. miliaris as “closely related”. I’d imagine that a number of tests could show that these two have a lot of properties in common, and in fact, there is a study that takes it even further. 

The study, Cordyceps militaris improves tolerance to high intensity exercise after acute and chronic supplementation, makes the statement, “Found to have similar components as sinensis, synthetically cultivated cordyceps militaris may yield larger quantities of the active constituents (Kim & Yun, 2005) making it an effective counterpart to sinensis.”

Why we believe the best cordyceps to buy comes from fruiting bodies and not mycelium grown on grain 

Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi that have been consumed as food for thousands of years. We believe that mushroom extracts should follow this same reality. However, this is not always the case in the mushroom supplement market, as some mushroom supplement producers create mushroom extracts that no not use the fruiting bodies of mushrooms at all. Instead, these companies use mycelium grown on grain. 

The biggest downside to using myceliated grain is the fungus cannot be separated from the rice so both end up in the final product. Paul Stamets states, "Growing on rice might have 30-40% conversion of rice to mycelium" meaning that up to 70% of the product could still be rice and not fungal tissue.

When it comes to supplements, we believe that the best cordyceps to buy uses the fruiting bodies exclusively, like all of the mushroom extracts we sell. This way you can feel confident that you are receiving 100% mushrooms. 

Using the best cordyceps to buy to make teas, coffees, broth, and more!

Cordyceps is a tasty mushroom that makes a great broth. The broth tastes a lot like chicken bone broth. That is one great use of our cordyceps powder. You can also mix our cordyceps powder into hot water to make a tea, or you can mix it directly into your favorite tea blend. I have a shiitake oolong that I love adding cordyceps powder to. 

Cordyceps coffee is another great option. Simply add some cordyceps powder into your morning coffee. This powder also goes great in smoothies during the summer. 

Are you always on the go with little time for yourself? It’s an unfortunate reality in today’s world, but you can still get your daily dose of cordyceps mushrooms with our cordyceps capsules! You can easily take these capsules with some water in seconds during the day. 

If you are looking for the best cordyceps to buy, pick up some of our powder or capsule extracts now! We are confident that you will be satisfied with your decision!

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