Looking for Where to Buy Mushroom Powder? We Have it For You!

Looking for Where to Buy Mushroom Powder? We Have it For You!

Searching high and low for where to buy mushroom powder? We have an array of high-quality mushroom supplements that are certified organic!

Where to buy mushroom powder has become a trend nowadays. Mushroom powder has changed so many lives of people who have used these types of mushroom supplements over periods of time. 

People have been searching for where to buy mushroom powder because mushroom supplements provide a lot of value to someone's life, and they are rich in beta-glucans and nutrients for the body that aid in supporting well being in so many ways. This is why we are seeing such a big interest in mushroom powders and mushroom supplements today. However, not all mushroom powders are created equally. How do you know that the mushroom powder you buy is of the highest quality? We have some more information on that issue below.

If you are searching for where to buy mushroom powder online, then we have you covered. But before you make your purchase, there are a few pieces of information we think you should know about our mushroom powder. 

Where to buy mushroom powder: From us, but only if you want high-quality organic mushroom powder made from the fruited mushroom bodies 

As you may already know, mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi. They grow from mycelium, and mushrooms can be very different in the way they look or grow, in addition to the frequency in which they are found. 

Here’s the thing about many of the mushroom extract powders on the market today: They come from mushroom mycelium rather than the mushroom fruiting bodies. 

If you want to learn more about mycelium, check out this article. If you want to understand the difference between extracts using fruiting bodies and extracts using mycelium, then take a look at this post

Ultimately, the fruiting body and the mycelium are two different anatomical parts of the fungus. If we look at the use of mushrooms from a traditional standpoint throughout all types of cultures that have consumed mushrooms for thousands of years, they have done so primarily by eating or preparing the fruiting mushroom body. Over the last couple of decades the use of mycelium in mushroom supplements has increased, and it seems like this has happened because mycelium is much more cost effective to produce than the actual fruited mushroom bodies.

It’s important to note that some companies selling mushroom powders and extracts are not using mushroom fruiting bodies at all, and are only using the myceliated grain. The biggest downside to using myceliated grain is the fungus cannot be separated from the rice, so both are included in the final product. Paul Stamets states, "Growing on rice might have 30-40% conversion of rice to mycelium" meaning that up to 70% of the product could still be rice and not fungal tissue.

Where to buy mushroom powders online: Why we think you should try our mushroom powders

When buying a real mushroom extract that exclusively contains fruiting bodies, you can rest assured you are receiving 100% fungal tissue in the final product. It is also good to look for products that have been certified organic. If you buy products that are not certified organic, you can never be truly sure what went into the process of wild foraging or growing the mushrooms in the first place. 

Mushrooms have the ability to absorb heavy metals and pollutants, so if you buy some products that were grown in polluted areas or areas with lots of heavy metals, then that toxicity can impact the mushrooms. If you are using mushroom supplements for supporting your health in the first place, then it is best to get the highest-quality mushroom powders so you do not have to worry about negatively impacting your health with the exact product you’re using to support it. 

Where to buy mushroom powders online: Take a look at the product’s label

The product label should indicate where the mushroom powder was harvested, where it was stored, where and how the harvesting process was completed, when the product was packaged, and what types of tests were executed on the final batch. This information is very helpful to a consumer who wants to know where his or her money went.

So that you are aware, our *liquid* mushroom extracts are made from mushrooms cultivated and foraged in Massachusetts. Our mushroom powders are from mushrooms produced in China. China grows 85% of the mushrooms in the world, outdoors, in the mountainous areas on family farms. They have a long history of growing mushrooms and they excel at it. The mountainous area of China where the mushrooms are grown and harvested are 

We source from China because there are no powdered or extracted mushroom options that are grown in the US because ultimately it is too expensive to do. Mushroom powder products you do find produced in the United States are products that involve the mycelium being grown on grain. Mycelium-based products cost less, but the quality and efficacy of the product is greatly diminished. 

Our mission over the next 3 years is to use our experience as mushroom farmers to become the first company to offer powdered extracts exclusively with mushrooms grown in the US. Want to join us?

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