Mushroom Kits for Sale: A Variety of Edible Strains for You

Here at Fungi Ally we have a variety of mushroom kits for sale so you can grow pounds of choice edibles from the comfort of your own home!

Growing your own mushrooms is a great way to enter the world of fungi. We offer a wide array of mushroom kits for sale so people can experience the joy of growing their own edible mushrooms at home.

Each of our mushroom kit strains provide a unique experience because each mushroom grows and tastes differently. If you love to grow your own food at home, then you need to try the family of Fungi Ally mushroom growing kits.

Mushroom kits for sale: Grow shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake is a choice edible mushroom that has been consumed for thousands of years. In many Asian countries it is considered a mushroom for longevity. It is the most-commonly cultivated mushroom in the world. It is a meaty mushroom that is tasty in soups, baked, grilled, and sautéed, and is loved by many for its nutty flavor.

Our shiitake grow kits are made out of hardwood sawdust. They come ready to fruit and are easy to take care of. You will get about two pounds of shiitake mushrooms over the course of two months. Mushrooms come in “flushes”, which are two weeks apart for harvesting.

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Mushroom kits for sale: Grow lion’s mane mushrooms

Many edible mushroom fans love the taste of lion’s mane mushroom, as they provide great texture and flavor. Lion’s mane may support the nervous system and brain function including increased memory and nerve growth.

This strangely-shaped and delicious mushroom is a welcome to the dinner plate of any mushroom lover. With a lobster like taste this mushroom is fantastic sautéed with some butter and lemon juice. Our kit comes ready to fruit, simply poke holes in the bag, mist daily, and mushrooms will grow within a week.

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Mushroom growing kit for sale: A variety of oyster mushrooms

There are many different species of oyster mushroom which can have a range of growth characteristics and properties. Oyster mushrooms are meaty mushroom that are widely consumed across the globe. They have a delicate, mild flavor with a velvety feel. They are delicious mushrooms that may also have medicinal properties.

Watch these oyster mushrooms grow before your eyes. This oyster mushroom growing kit is capable of fruiting up to two pounds of oyster mushrooms over three-months time. To begin, simply cut several holes in the side of the bag and the mushrooms will fruit out of the holes. Our oyster grow kit is great to grow indoors or outside when temperatures are between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the kit is finished flushing it can be used to inoculate paper waste, coffee grounds, or your compost!

Oyster options include:

  • Blue oyster mushrooms
  • Yellow oyster mushrooms
  • Pink oyster mushrooms: (Pink oyster is killed when exposed to prolonged temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We can only ship this product from March-October.)

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Mushroom growing kit for sale: Chestnut mushrooms

Chestnuts are a viscid, brown to tan mushroom that grows in thick clusters, and you can grow these nutty, delicious mushrooms at home! Our kit comes ready to fruit, simply poke holes in the bag, mist daily, and mushrooms will grow within a week.

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