Fungi Ally Nov Workshops

This past November we teamed up with Hacker Farm and hosted two great workshops. With about 15 participants each day we were blessed with sunshine, warm temperatures and hot chaga tea. Thanks to all of the participants who came out to learn about fungi! It was an honor for me to share what I have learned so far and hear all the great ideas and questions people had about mushrooms. We will keep everyone up to date on how the logs and woodchip bed we inoculated grow. Hopefully some mushrooms will pop out this spring to say hello! During the workshop participants learned the ins and outs of log inoculation, making and maintaining woodchip beds, and using buckets and simply prepared straw to grow inside. 2013-11-02 11.28.03   The attendees creating a Stropharia Rugosaannulata bed from cardboard and woodchips. 2013-11-02 11.35.24   2013-11-02 11.54.00Students learn how to inoculate fresh cut stumps and totems. 2013-11-02 12.19.11Safety first while inoculating logs with Fungi Ally! There were people from all over Massachusetts attending from Marth'a Vineyard to Stockbridge. The representation from the pioneer valley was a little small, hopefully we will be able to raise that number this Spring. Check out the Workshops page for the spring workshop series. The topics include log inoculation, companion planting fungi and plants, and simple indoor cultivation techniques.
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