Mushroom Growing Tools

Mushroom Growing Tools: Growing Kits & Spawn

We have a variety of mushroom grow kits and spawn available to you. Each provides a different experience with mushroom growing and some methods afford a quicker entry point to mushroom cultivation than others.

For instance, our mushroom growing kits are the premier mushroom growing tool for getting down to it quick. The grow kits are ready to fruit, so all you have to do is store them in the proper environment, cut holes into the bags, and mist them accordingly. Easy enough for you? These bags are the same that have been used in commercial cultivation, which allowed us to produce thousands of pounds of fresh mushrooms each month.

For those looking for bigger grows or commercial situations, check out the options for our other types of spawn. Plug spawn is great for growing on totems, indoors or out. Grain spawn is great for indoor cultivation while sawdust spawn is perfect for outdoor growing. Learn more and see all your options by visiting these pages above.

Also, if you want information for growing your own mushrooms, check out these cultivation guides and our entire library of mushroom growing information.