Dried Morels for Sale: A Delicious Edible You Need to Try

Dried Morels for Sale: A Delicious Edible You Need to Try

We have some exciting news for lovers of morel mushrooms; We are now selling dried morels for your culinary delights

Morel mushrooms are some of the most sought-after edibles around and for good reason; Morel mushrooms are delicious!

The mushrooms we have come from a forager in Vermont and are Morchella conica, or more commonly known as black morels. You can purchase these dried morels directly from us. Check out the video below to see examples of the mushrooms.


These dried morels come with a ‘burning’ history

This type of morel grows on the west coast and starts to fruit roughly one year after the presence of a forest fire or controlled burn. When these morels come up, they often do it in mass quantities. There’s a large community of mushroom pickers on the west coast who then go out and reap the benefits.

I met one of these mushroom pickers a few weeks back when I was hiking Mt. Monadnock. He told me he had an abundance of morel mushrooms left, so now we’re offering them to you all within our Fungi Ally community. Buy your dried morels now.

How to add dried morels to your cooking creations

One way to use dried morels in your culinary explorations is by reconstituting them first. I do this by first grabbing a handful of dried morels and combining it with 2-4 cups of warm water. I let the morels sit in the warm water for about 20 minutes. The morels will grow in size, nearly doubling.

Once rehydrated, you can add these delicious morels to a variety of dishes. For instance, they go great in pasta sauces; red, white, or pesto, even. They are also wonderful as toppings for pizza and a perfect ingredient for any number of stir fry dishes. With the oncoming winter, these morel mushrooms can make a flavorful addition to soups and stews.

Stuffing morel mushrooms

If you look closely in the video, or if you have handled morels before, you may notice the holes in the morels and the hollowness of the mushroom. I like to stuff the morel and then roast or bake them. Some people will use cream cheese or some other form of soft cheese, like a goat cheese.  

The morel mushroom is a unique specimen

When you look at the anatomy of the morel mushroom, it appears different than many mushrooms you commonly see. For instance, there are no gills. It’s still a cap-and-stem mushroom, but without gills. Instead, it has a netting where the spores are formed, which are then dispersed by the wind or by insects.

Morel mushrooms are a bit more rare than many other edible and gourmet mushrooms. It is a special treat to get our hands on these and we are excited to spread them around our community of mycophiles.

Are you interested in trying these dried morels in your favorite culinary dishes? Order some from us today! We are confident that you won’t be disappointed, especially if you have never tried this tasty mushroom before.

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