Gourmet Edible Mushroom Strains You Should Know About

Gourmet Edible Mushroom Strains You Should Know About

There are a variety of delicious edible mushroom strains that are so tasty you’ll want to grow them at home … and you can!

Gourmet, edible mushroom strains are becoming a popular item among a variety of consumers. Not surprisingly, as mushrooms are delectable and filled with nutritional value.

From localvores and foodies to vegetarians and those interested in eating healthy, mushrooms have entered the mainstream. Much of this is likely due to people discovering a wide array of gourmet mushrooms strains that stray from the typical white button mushroom or portobello mushroom.

Speaking of the standard mushroom, many people blame the button mushroom or the common mushroom as a reason they don’t enjoy mushrooms. Button mushrooms can be bland or not flavorful. And ultimately, when you eat mushrooms like portobello, button, or crimini, you are eating the same species of mushroom — the Agaricus bisporus. Some are white while others are brother, and the maturity they reach before being harvested will impact the taste.

Gourmet, edible mushroom strains to know about

Today we’re going to talk a little about other edible, gourmet mushroom strains that go way beyond the button mushroom in taste and texture. The mushrooms that will be mentioned are:

  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms
  • Maitake mushrooms
  • Wine cap mushrooms

Not only do these mushrooms have unique and flavorful tastes, but they also have nutritional value that many healthy-food aficionados are happy about.

Gourmet edible mushroom strains — Shiitake mushrooms: For the last 20+ years, the global production of shiitake mushrooms has soared, especially in the United States and China.

Shiitakes often have a nutty, smoky, and earthy flavor with a meaty texture. The stem of the mushroom is removed before cooking. The cap is the choice edible part. It goes great sautéed and added to stir-fries. It also goes well in soups, pastas, or as a side dish.

gourmet edible mushrooms

Want to grow shiitake mushrooms at home? Try one of our shiitake mushroom growing kit, shiitake mushroom plug spawn or grain spawn.

Gourmet edible mushroom strains — Oyster mushrooms: We have a variety of oyster mushrooms, including blue, yellow, and pink oysters. The oysters have slightly different tastes in relation to one another, and all look beautiful when you grow them.

The blue oyster mushrooms have a mild, yet complex taste. There’s a delicateness on the palate when you eat them. Their texture is velvety, and many chefs like to pair them with chicken dishes.

Pink oyster mushrooms and yellow oyster mushrooms are often a hit at farmers markets because of their eye-catching nature. People familiar with eating them will also attest to their exquisite tastes. These gourmet mushroom strains are worth trying, especially if you’re a cook or chef who wants to present beautiful and tasty food.

As for taste, some find them more pungent and woody than other oysters. Their texture is also a bit tougher. Yellow oyster mushrooms have a flavor that is more nutty than the others, reminiscent of cashews or almonds.

gourmet mushrooms

Want to grow oyster mushrooms at home? Try one of our oyster mushroom growing kits or spawn options (including grain, plug, and sawdust spawn).

Gourmet edible mushroom strains — Lion’s mane mushrooms: Lion’s mane, hericium erinaceus, is a beautiful pink to white mushroom that look’s like a clump of teeth or spines, or perhaps a lion’s mane. It’s also known as bearded tooth mushroom or pom pom mushroom. It looks different than many common mushrooms.

People love the texture of lion’s mane mushrooms. It can be reminiscent of steak. The mushroom will pick up and enhance the flavors of whatever it is cooked with. Some chefs will cook it with butter and add it to shellfish dis

gourmet edible mushrooms

hes like lobster and crab. I personally love cooking them with some salt and pepper until the outside is crispy and brown.

Want to grow lion’s mane mushrooms at home? Try our lion’s mane mushroom growing kit or spawn options (including grain, plug, and sawdust spawn).

Gourmet edible mushroom strains — Maitake mushrooms: Maitakes, which are also known as hen of the woods, grow in clumped, leaf-like shapes at the base of oaks and maples. Maitake has umami, also known as the “fifth taste”, which involves a savory component. These mushrooms are semi-firm are have a complex flavor, with additional hints of fruitiness, spiciness, and earthiness.

If you want to grow maitake mushrooms at home, try using our plug or grain spawn.

maitake mushrooms

Gourmet edible mushroom strains — Wine cap mushrooms: Wine cap mushrooms are a great option for growing mushrooms at home because they are the easiest to grow.

Wine cap, also know as garden giant or King/Queen Stropharia, looks like a portobello mushroom with a burgundy cap and purple gills. Its texture and taste is like asparagus! Cut off the cap and grill it up just like a burger, bake them in the oven, or sauté with lemon juice, asparagus and chopped onions, garlic and almonds.

gourmet edible mushroom strains: wine cap
Try our wine cap mushroom sawdust spawn if you would like to grow your own at home or in your garden.

We hope you experiment more with gourmet, edible mushroom strains because there are a variety of tasty, healthful options available to you!

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