Use A Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit to Yield a Beautiful Bounty 

Use A Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit to Yield a Beautiful Bounty 

Get your very own blue oyster mushroom growing kit from us and you will be able to harvest your own gourmet mushrooms for a variety of meals 

We have a blue oyster mushroom growing kit that will help you produce a beautiful bouquet of gourmet edibles.  Not only is the blue oyster mushroom a delight to look at, it also tastes great and has some studies behind it that discuss the support it provides to humans. We share some of these findings below and present you with some great reasons to try your very own blue oyster mushroom grow kit at home. 

Nutritional value of blue oyster mushrooms

According to the study Pleurotus ostreatus: an oyster mushroom with nutritional and medicinal properties, there are a variety of benefits to consuming blue oyster mushrooms. The:

“Bioaccumulation potential of nutrients by fungi enriched with essential elements for human health has been investigated in mycelium and also in mushroom (Silva et al. 2010). P. ostreatus is the second most important cultivated mushroom for food purposes throughout worldwide (Chang 1991). Nutritionally, it has unique flavor and aromatic properties and it is considered to be rich in protein, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins as well as low fat (Herndndez et al. 2003 and Kalmis et al. 2008). Commercially cultivated mushroom has similar contents of nutritional components compared with wild types mushroom.”

It is not surprising to see that more and more people have an interest in growing blue oyster mushrooms because of the flavor in addition to its constituents. The study continued with more information on the active constituents in the oyster mushroom:

In most of the studies, the nutritional values of mushroom have been offered as in dried fruit bodies. Generally, fresh Pleurotus mushroom contain 85-95% moisture (Khan 2010). The fruiting body of P. ostreatus contains approximately 100 of different bioactive compounds, which mainly considered as a potential new source of dietary fiber. Whereas, fungal cell wall are rich in non-starch polysaccharides, of which β-glucan are most interesting functional components and phenolic compounds such as protocatechuic acid, gallic acid, homogentisic acid, rutin, myrictin, chrysin, naringin, tocopherol like α-tocopherol and γ- tocopherol, ascorbic acid and β-carotene of each having their own outstanding medical effects (Wang et al. 2001 and Ferreira et al. 2009). Moreover, they are healthy foods, rich in protein, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamin and minerals content but low in calories and fat content (Table 1).”

Do you want to grow your own delicious oyster mushrooms at home? You can with the help of our blue oyster mushroom growing kit! This easy-to-use kit will fruit about two pounds of fresh oysters before the kit is ready to be composted. However, once you use the block in your compost, in the garden, or on some used coffee grounds, you will still be able to grow and harvest more mushrooms! You will know the kit is ready for the compost, paper waste of coffee grounds when the block has broken apart and is starting to crumble. You will be able to still grow some mushrooms at this time, although the yields will be smaller. 

3 main reasons to try a blue oyster mushroom growing kit from Fungi Ally

Reason #1: Our sawdust kits are quick to grow mushrooms! The sawdust we use in our grow kits have such tiny particles that the mushroom mycelium can easily travel through them. This allows for the mycelium to grow quicker and more easily. The quicker the mycelium growth, the quicker your edible mushrooms will be ready to harvest. Reason #2: Our kits are easy to maintain (and much easier to maintain than mushroom log kits.) Once again, due to the size of the substrate it’s easier for the sawdust grow kit to maintain the level of moisture it needs to grow and fruit accordingly. A mushroom log kit will dry out if not kept properly. Most mushroom log kits will be harder to care for because the log needs more maintenance than a bag of sawdust spawn.  Reason #3: Our kits are loaded with mycelium, presenting you with a great harvest. In a sawdust spawn bag like our kits, it is easier to see the colonization of the substrate every step along the process. The proof of significant mycelium mass is present in all of our mushroom grow kits. This oyster mushroom growing kit is capable of fruiting up to two pounds of blue oyster mushrooms over the course of three months.  To use, simply cut several holes in the side of the bag and the mushrooms will fruit out of the holes. All of our oyster mushroom grow kits are great to grow indoors or outside when temperatures are between 40° F and 80° F.  If you’d prefer to grow mushrooms at home with a kit and want to do it easily, efficiently, and with the highest possible yield, then order a mushroom grow kit from us today.
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