Buy Mushroom Growing Kit Options & Start Cultivating at Home

Buy Mushroom Growing Kit Options & Start Cultivating at Home

Want to buy mushroom growing kit options so you can grow a variety of species at home? Learn about our kits and buy today!

The popularity of mushrooms continues to increase in 2020 and we believe this popularity will only increase as the years go by. Today we are looking at the increase in popularity surrounding the gourmet mushroom industry. We also share information for those interested in mushroom growing kits. You can buy mushroom growing kit options from us to produce your own delicious mushrooms at home. We even have bulk options for small-scale commercial mushroom farmers.

Looking at the gourmet mushroom industry

What are some of the reasons that the mushroom industry is growing so quickly? For starters, there is greater interest in eating healthy these days and we know that there is a lot of nutritional value in mushrooms. In fact, we have written about this subject before. Not only are people eating healthier, but there is also a bigger interest in plant-based diets. Even though mushrooms are in the kingdom fungi, they are often lumped in with plants by many people.

Culinary uses is another reason that the popularity of mushrooms is growing. Although the common button mushroom is the most consumed mushroom in the US, a variety of other mushrooms are gaining popularity. More types of gourmet mushrooms are available to chefs and restaurateurs, and bringing these mushrooms to menu has helped consumers recognize their taste, texture, and uniqueness. For instance, the umami flavor of the shiitake mushroom, which is the most popular mushroom in Asia, has gained more notoriety in the US. The lion’s mane mushroom is attracting people due to its unique shape and texture. The oyster mushroom, which is available in an array of colors, is also known to catch the eye, especially the pink and yellow varieties.

Mushroom volume has hit an all-time high

According to the American Mushroom Institute, “Mushroom growers are entering 2020 with record sales volumes, increasing retail prices and solid demand for fresh mushrooms.”

"The Institute continued with information from the end of 2019. “The September shipment report from the Mushroom Council™ shows domestic mushroom production set a new all-time high. This was the fourth consecutive new monthly high and reflects steady sales growth throughout the summer months. Both June and August volume exceeded 80 million pounds for the first time ever, indicating that mushroom sales are strong year-round. Combined shipments (domestic plus imports) also hit new record highs.”

Sustainability, mushrooms, and the millennial generation

An article on CNN discusses reasons why millennials are gaining interest in mushrooms. According to the article, “Mushrooms' Earth-friendly nature is scoring points with Millennial consumers because the produce could almost be the poster child for sustainability.” The article continues by going over a brief mushroom growing process using byproducts from other farming endeavors.

“The byproduct is used to create compost. Beds of compost have spawn planted in them. Within 10 to 14 days, mushrooms grow and are ready to be hand harvested. Mushroom farming typically results in high yield from a very small footprint. The same compost bed can then be used for two to three production cycles. The used compost itself has alternative uses, including in green roofs, landscaping and home gardening.”

Buy mushroom growing kit options to produce your own food at home

Is it time for you to buy mushroom growing kit options? Covid19 has led many people to think about food sovereignty. In a time when food supply chains may become impacted and people are less interested in spending time in grocery stores, producing your own food at home and developing relationships with local food producers is important.

Our mushroom growing kits are the perfect introduction to growing mushrooms at home. Many mushroom growers start with our kits and move on to conducting their own bigger mushroom grows with the use of our colonized grain and sawdust spawn. However, some growers continue to use our kits regularly because of the deal these kits provide.

Our kits are able to fruit 3-5 pounds of fresh, organic mushrooms throughout multiple flushes. Each kit weighs 10 lbs, but we offer a reduced rate of shipping and only charge customers for 6.5 lbs of weight. Shipping costs obviously change depending on how many kits are purchased and where the shipment is going, but the value remains. For instance, if you bought one kit for $30 and paid another $10 for shipping, the total cost of the kit would be $40.

If you used the kit in ideal environmental conditions where you had the temperature and relative humidity dialed in properly, then you would be able to yield on the higher side of five pounds. So let’s say the kit was in the ideal spot with perfect conditions and you receive a full five pounds of fresh, organic mushrooms. That is like paying $8 per pound for fresh, organic mushrooms. That is a better deal than you will find at most grocery stores and farmers’ markets. For instance, I recently heard from a customer of ours who is a small-scale commercial grower in Missouri and he received about $20 per pound for his fresh lion’s mane mushrooms. The value is noticeable!

Buy mushroom growing kit options now to produce your own food at home

Take a look at all of our growing kit options here. Remember, each kit weights 10 lbs, is fully colonized, and is certified organic.
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