How a Mushroom Kit Will Expand Your Fungi Experience

How a Mushroom Kit Will Expand Your Fungi Experience

Today I’m showing you how to use our mushroom kit to grow your own delicious mushrooms at home

It is the perfect time for embarking upon your latest mushroom experience. One of our mushroom kit offerings is a great way to do just that. In the video below I go through the process of using a mushroom kit in your home, office, or garden to fruit your own edible, gourmet mushrooms. For anyone interested in using our mushroom growing kits, check out the video below or continue reading on.

What you need to know about your mushroom kit experience

To begin, order your mushroom kit from us at Fungi Ally. We have a variety of mushroom strains to try, including shiitake, lion’s mane, blue oyster, yellow oyster, pink oyster, and chestnut mushrooms. After ordering, your grow kit will arrive in a box. The mushroom kit itself involves a bag of mycelium. Each kit includes instructions on how to use it (as well as a cool Fungi Ally sticker!). Sometimes the kits get broken up while in the bag because of rough shipping. If it is broken up, you can shake it around so it creates a solid block again and let it sit for a couple of days. All of the mycelium is well-colonized, which allows for it to grow back properly. So do not worry if the bag comes and the mycelium is a little broken up.

If you receive your mushroom kit and you’re not ready to fruit yet

If your mushroom kit arrives and you’re not ready to fruit it yet because you’re going away or giving it as a gift, you should place it in the fridge. This is the case with all of our kits except pink oyster. The pink oyster kit can be left out. The kits will be able to stay in the fridge for two or three weeks before they start fruiting on their own.

Cut holes into the bag once you are ready to fruit

Mushrooms love two things: oxygen and humidity. Those are the two things we think about when attempting to grow delicious mushrooms. For lion’s mane kits, we like to cut “V” shapes into the plastic bag. You can see how I do it in the video. This allows the mushrooms space to grow out of. Lion’s mane likes to fruit up at the top of the bag. You can roll the bag down and flip it over so it stays in place. Once your bag is ready, you should mist the mycelium block with a spray bottle. Additionally, you can use an 18 gallon tote to put your grow kit in. Using a tote like this allows for good humidity and moisture as you can directly spray the walls of the container and it will stay appropriately wet. The mushrooms still have plenty of room in a container like this. Typically, lion’s mane will take about 10 days to begin fruiting. Then, after another two weeks you will get another flush.

Details behind growing from our series of oyster mushroom kit options

Instead of cutting a “V’ shape in the bag, we recommend using an “X” shape. Keep in mind that it is okay if you cut into the substrate a little bit. The mycelium is so well-colonized and aggressive in spreading that the kit will still work in producing mushrooms. The mushrooms will form underneath the plastic and they will end up pushing back the plastic as they go. These will fruit three or four times before they are spent. You will be able to use your bounty in a variety of ways, as oysters are quite versatile. Oyster mushrooms are a great mushroom to add into egg dishes or stir fries, so keep that in mind if you are thinking about new ways to add them into meals. You can also check out this article of ours on blue oyster mushrooms, which includes a couple recipe ideas for sauteing or roasting oyster mushrooms.

Our shiitake mushroom kit is a little bit different

The shiitake mushroom kit creates a beautiful brown skin. They are really good at maintaining humidity levels than some of the other kits. We recommend taking the kit out of the plastic bag, or you can keep a little bit of plastic at the bottom for the kit to rest on. Like the rest of the kits, these should be misted with water. Shiitakes can be wet even more than others. Shiitakes love the outdoors for additional flushes if you have the opportunity to do this. These shiitake kits yield delicious mushrooms that have an umami, nutty flavor. The shiitake mushroom is the second most-consumed mushroom in the world behind the agaricus bisporus, which is known more-commonly as the button, cremini, or portobello. Now that you know how to grow your own mushrooms at home, it’s time to select your mushroom growing kit. Visit our mushroom kit page to check out your options. The more you buy the cheaper they get, so stock up on your kits today!
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