Grow Delicious Food Inside with an Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit

Grow Delicious Food Inside with an Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit

Learn about our indoor mushroom growing kit options so you can cultivate a variety of mushroom species at home 

Top indoor mushroom growing kits produce pounds of fresh food! What is better than the feeling of cultivating and harvesting your own organic food at home? If you are anything like me and enjoy delicious food as much as I do, then there are few things finer. Our indoor mushroom growing kit options are the perfect introduction to growing mushrooms at home. Of course, our kits are great for experienced growers, too. Small commercial mushroom farmers often buy our kits so they do not have to create the colonized blocks themselves. It is easier and more economical for them to simply fruit the blocks and sell the fresh mushrooms in their local communities. Experienced growers often have the ability to get big yields because they dial in the preferred conditions for the species they are. Each one of our mushroom growing kits is 10 lbs and certified organic, so you can get pounds of delicious mushrooms from each kit throughout multiple flushes. The majority of mushroom growers who use our growing kits fruit the mushrooms inside, and do both on commercial and hobbyist levels. Once the kit flushes multiple times, it will begin to break down. You could then take the kit as it breaks down and add it to your compost or garden. It will likely continue to fruit additional mushrooms here and there, but the yields will decrease from the initial flushes.

Who our mushroom growing kits are ideal for

Curious if a mushroom growing kit is right for you? Our growing kits are ideal for kids, mushroom lovers, mushroom growers of all sizes, farmers, and local food lovers alike. They are also the perfect gift idea for any interested in mycology, gardening, farming, or people who love to watch as their food grows in front of their eyes. If you care about the ecological role of fungi and love them for all the benefits they have, then a grow kit is for you! If you love to eat fresh, high-quality organic food that is nutritious and tasty, then a mushroom grow kit is for you, too! Check out all of the species we have available by visiting our grow kit page here.

The bigger the kit the better

If you’re going to take the time to grow mushrooms at home, you’ll want big, beautiful mushrooms and lots of them, right? Our grow kits are the same used in commercial productions that lead to hundreds of pounds of fresh mushrooms each week. Our kits are some of the biggest on the market at 10 lbs. We offer these for sale at competitive prices and are able to ship them at a discounted rate. Instead of charging a shipping rate of 10 lbs, we actually ship each kit at 6.5 lbs. So the customer ultimately receives a discount on the shipping rate for a kit that is already cheaper than the average on the market.

What to keep in mind when using an indoor mushroom growing kit

It’s important to keep the block properly humid once you have cut the slits in the bag where the mushrooms will fruit from. You will need to mist or spray the block down two or three times each day. This is especially important during the first three or four days of the process. Humidity is critical to get a nice pin set forming (the mushrooms ‘pin’ before fruiting). If you can, keep a device near the mushroom kit that will tell you the temperature and relative humidity. This will help you dial in the preferred environmental conditions, allowing for maximum yields. After about six or seven days you will see some sizable mushrooms but they will not be ready to harvest yet. At this stage you won’t have to worry about humidity as much. You could cut down your daily misting to about one time each day at this point, as the humidity is not as important now as it was when first beginning the bag. In another day or two you will have a full flush of fresh mushrooms!

Indoor mushroom growing kit experiences can lead to greater growth

It is not uncommon to see commercial mushroom farmers getting their initial inspiration to grow edible mushrooms because they tried a growing kit and loved it. It’s also not uncommon to see commercial mushroom farmers using kits extensively within their commercial practices. This is the case because some farmers will experiment with different species through kits first. We have a variety of mushroom growing kits available to you and they are some of the best on the market because of the sheer volume of fresh mushrooms it will produce. There you have it! Now it’s your turn — buy your own mushroom growing kit here!
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