Learn Oyster Mushroom Cultivation with Our Free Book

Learn Oyster Mushroom Cultivation with Our Free Book

Oyster mushroom cultivation can be done easily with the help of our free 36-page book

Oyster mushroom cultivation has been growing in popularity. It’s not surprising because oyster mushrooms are delicious and can be grown in a low-tech way with minimal cost.

The best part about our free book on oyster mushroom cultivation (other than the fact that it’s free!) is that we share the process of growing oyster mushrooms on straw. Growing on straw is a much faster process than cultivating oysters on logs, or cultivating shiitake mushrooms in general.

Oyster mushroom cultivation is perfect for beginners

Oyster mushrooms grow fast and aggressively. Additionally, they don’t require the type of attention in the fruiting process as some other mushrooms do. And if a growing area isn’t proper for the oyster mushroom, it will make very distinct changes so the mushroom farmer will recognize easily.

Oyster mushroom sawdust spawn is also readily available and can be purchased directly through us.

What you will learn in our oyster cultivation book

  • The life cycle of oyster mushrooms
  • Information on strains and spawn
  • A step-by-step process for growing oyster mushrooms on straw
  • Proper treatment of the straw
  • The processes of inoculation, incubation, fruiting and harvesting
  • All the materials needed for beginning your cultivation of oyster mushrooms

The benefits of oyster mushrooms

The oyster mushroom is not only a delicious gourmet mushroom, but it’s also a powerful medicinal mushroom. The term ‘food as medicine’ applies perfectly to this great member of the fungal kingdom.

  • Quick growing with good yields
  • Oyster mushrooms are high in nutrients, including: zinc, iron, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, niacin, and vitamins B-1 and B-2.
  • Oysters contain a molecule for lowering cholesterol called lovastatin.
  • They also inhibit the growth of certain cancers, like colon and breast cancers, and potentially have a preventative effect on those cancers.
  • Oyster mushrooms can degrade hydro-carbon contaminants.

The oyster mushroom spawn we have available for you

Blue Oyster Amycel 3015: This is a high-yielding oyster mushroom with fast mycelial growth. This mushroom will fruit in a wide temperature range, from 50-75 degrees fahrenheit. The fruiting clusters are large, and the mushrooms have large caps. The colors range from blue to white, depending on the stage harvested and the temperature grown in.

Yellow Oyster AM1: This is a vibrant yellow oyster mushroom that likes to fruit at higher temperatures between 60-80 degrees fahrenheit. The caps are typically small and numerous. The stem grows large, and are edible! Yields of this mushroom are medium to high.

Whether you want to grow oyster mushrooms commercially or as a hobby, our free book on oyster cultivation will provide you with all the information you need to get growing fast.

Would you rather grow oyster mushrooms with plug spawn instead of sawdust spawn? We also have Blue Oyster 3015 plug spawn and Yellow Oyster AM1 plug spawn available.

Read our free book on oyster mushroom cultivation now.

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