Buy a Lion’s Mane Grow Kit for Mushroom Cultivation at Home

Buy a Lion’s Mane Grow Kit for Mushroom Cultivation at Home

A lion’s mane grow kit will help you produce your own flushes of lion’s mane mushroom at home and in your garden. Each kit comes ready to use!

A lion’s mane grow kit is the perfect introduction to both growing mushrooms at home, and the lion’s mane mushroom in itself. Lion’s mane, hericium erinaceus, is also known as the bearded tooth mushroom or the hedgehog mushroom. Lion’s mane mushroom is unique and delicious.

For those who haven’t seen it, lion’s mane displays characteristics that many other mushrooms do not. First instance, lion’s mane looks like clumps or globes while growing. Many other mushrooms have a distinct stem and cap. Young lion’s mane may have a pinkish tint, and will turn completely white as it matures. The mushroom is toothed; its soft, shaggy spines protrude from the mushroom while growing and cascade down to the body of the mushroom once it is ready to harvest. 

Lion’s mane can be grown at home with our kits or spawn. Lion’s mane can also be found outdoors growing in the wild, although it is not always easy to find in abundance. 

Lion’s mane mushroom is a gourmet edible that continues to gain notoriety among foodies and healthy food consumers. This mushroom has a mild sweet and savory flavor and a texture that is similar to tender meat or shellfish. If you cut the mushroom into medallion shapes and add it to dishes, it will often absorb the other dominant flavors of the meal. 

Although its popularity has grown with the specialty mushroom market, the lion’s mane mushroom is still not widely available. You may be able to find it at local farmers’ markets or health food stores, but it is not a guarantee. The same goes for finding it while foraging in the woods. We provide a lion’s mane grow kit and spawn options so these delicious mushrooms can be experienced by anyone who is unable to purchase or find them easily.

Our lion’s mane kits are ready-to-fruit, which means the contaminant-free mycelium is grown out and fully colonized so the kit can be used immediately upon arrival in the mail. After starting the lion’s mane kit, it will take approximately 10-14 days before you can harvest your first flush of fresh lion’s mane mushrooms. Order your lion’s mane grow kit today! 

The benefits behind lion’s mane mushrooms

Many people are touting the use of mushrooms for nutrition and healthful benefits. Lion’s mane is one of these mushrooms that people are particularly interested in. Much of that interest comes because there have been studies conducted on this mushroom to give even more weight and credibility.

For instance, the study Anti-fatigue activities of polysaccharides extracted from Hericium erinaceus concluded that blood lactic acid (BLA), serum urea nitrogen (SUN), and malondialdehyde (MLA) were significantly decreased by the use of lion’s mane mushroom. This dictates that the mushroom has “anti-fatigue activity.” The study also showed that lion’s mane increased “tissue glycogen content and antioxidant enzyme activity.” The study continued by saying the results provide theoretical support for the use of lion’s mane in the field of sports nutrition. 

Lion’s mane mushroom and the brain

The study Neuronal Health – Can Culinary and Medicinal Mushrooms Help? looked at the potential mushrooms, including lion’s mane, have on the brain. According to the study: “The studies done by many researchers as well as on-going studies show that selected mushrooms do have neurotrophic properties that can be beneficial to humans. Regular consumption may promote nerve and brain health. This is particularly useful during injury (as in an accident) or as we age.”

Using our lion’s mane grow kit is easy

Our lion’s mane grow kit comes ready to fruit. Once you have received your kit in the mail, begin by cutting holes in the kit like we display in this video. I like to cut six V-shaped into the bag; two into each of the broader sides, and one into each of the narrower sides. Next it’s important to remember to mist your kit with water each day. The mushrooms will begin to fruit out of the V-shaped holes you cut into the kit. It takes about 10-14 days until the mushrooms will be ready to harvest once you begin misting your kit. Our lion’s mane kits fruit three to five times over the course of two months, offering up to two pounds of delicious mushrooms to eat. Once the kit begins to crumble and break apart, you can throw it outside in your garden or compost area and you will still likely get some additional mushrooms from it. 

We also have lion’s mane spawn

Since I mentioned lion’s mane spawn above, I wanted to mention that we have lion’s mane spawn available as grain spawn, sawdust spawn, and plug spawn. You can do much larger mushroom grows with this spawn, and you can go them both inside and out. The sawdust spawn is great for outdoor inoculations and the grain spawn is great for indoor inoculations. If you want to inoculate solid hardwood logs, then the plug spawn is a good option too, especially if you are doing under 20 logs. 
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